September 26, 2016


This week has been awesome! We have found 4 new part-member families, two are Polys with huge families! :) I love the mission its great! 

A member in church shared this analogy that I really liked. He talked about a rail from a railroad that had a big rut or dent in it. The rut was made by an intense amount of heat, pressure and weight by the train on the track. This specific rut was caused when the right set of wheels on the locomotive were spinning wildly while the left side was stuck. He then compared each set of wheels to our spiritual wheels and our worldly wheels. If our spiritual wheels are stuck and we let the worldly wheels spin out, we are caught in a rut. Similarly, we have to be aware of the dangers of the world and roll with it, not shut out things around us to keep the worldly wheels rolling with the spiritual wheels causing us to move swiftly through life. This way, there is no extra friction and we are able to avoid ruts in life. 

The gospel brings happiness. Its so cool to be how the Lord works with us step by step. Sometimes the changes are so small we dont realize it day to day, but looking back we see what a vast change or difference has happened. Keeping doing the little things! They bring spiritual power! :)

Members View of the Pacific.

Dinner with the Ward Mission Leader, Bro Rose.

Zone Leader Summit with President.

Selfie with the Trio.

Raising Canes opened a location in the mission. We had to do it. 

Have a great week!

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