September 19, 2016


Another week in San Pedro! We picked up a new companion for the rest of this transfer, next 3 weeks. Elder Solano from Chicago, and he goes home in 3 weeks! He is a stud and its been fun working in a trio. There are definitely pros and cons to 3, but its been a good change of the norm. 
Elder Ekberg, Elder Solano, Elder Griffin

We are continuing to work with the part member and less active families in the ward. Its been really cool to see and experience the gospel in their lives. The mission is moving towards an attitude/culture of convert hungry rather than baptism hungry and its been cool. Rather than looking out on the number of baptisms, dates, or progressing investigators, focusing on the number of people we are helping come to Christ is more significant. In these short few weeks, we have seen our efforts in less active and part member families attending sacrament more frequently and a greater desire to learn and share with others. Its a cool and very different side of missionary work. 

This week is the big 20. Momma Ekberg gifted the companionship with some plastic frogs that you can shoot into a cup, and that has become our favorite lunch activity. 

I love the mission! :) Enjoy your week! Book is blue, church is true and God is a mormon!

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