October 3, 2016

Conference - Seafood - Transfers

What a great week. Its been an awesome last week of the transfer and Im grateful to have spent it with E Griffin and E Solano. E Solano heads home to Chicago tomorrow and E Griffin will be serving in West LA, the Wilshire area. Ill be kicking it for 6 more weeks here in San Pedro/Palos Verdes, where there is awesome picture opps with E Bennett. Im excited! 

Here in Pedro we are working with some awesome families! One is Thomas and Victoria Ingle. They have been investigating the church for years! And it is finally winding down to where they can be baptized. Due to some legal complexities, they haven't been able to get married yet, but we are hoping this month they can finalize everything, get married and then baptized! We ate dinner with Thomas this past week (best enchiladas Ive ever had) and he said, "Just have the font ready and I'll dive in!". They are awesome, so excited for them.

Another is the Robinson family. They are returning less-actives who have been through a ton but are so cool! We have been working with Dennis and the primary president to get him ready for baptism! Also, the two teenagers Michael and Denae are going to do proxy baptisms this week and its been cool to see how they have been accepted into the YM and YW programs here in the ward.

We also reconnected with Alexa, who has been super busy and she is doing well! She has a lot going on right now but is starting to see the effect of good friends in her life. She works a ton and we hope to sit down this week and establish some expectations so we can meet and help her in her faith. 

We also found awesome people this week. We had just come out of an appt and were really thirsty and sweaty and Joshua yells from across the street, "Hey! You guys need some water? Its really hot out!" We gladly accepted and end up talking for about 20-25 minutes and taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and talked about what we need to do to be saved and access Christ's grace. It was awesome! 

We also had a cool lesson with George and Marta. They were a random potential we had met earlier in the week and wondered if they would be interested or even home with the return appt. We popped in and they warmly invited us in and we had one of the best "How to Begin Teaching" get-to-know you lessons Ive ever had! We talked about our paths and experiences with Christ in our lives and taught about the importance of prayer. It was so cool and before we knew it, it was time to go. Without explaining in detail how we pray, we invited George to offer the closing prayer. He began, "Dear Heavenly Father..." Without us even telling him that! Woooo! It was awesome and we are thrilled to go back this week! :) 

I love the mission! And conference! Grateful for the opportunity to listen and receive revelation this past weekend. Here are some of my favorite things that I learned and heard:
* God is not a referee trying to throw us out of the game. He loves us and wants us to keep trying.
* While we may be content in or satisfied of where we are at, God wants us to become more. We have the potential to be as He is. Abide in His love and become better. 
* Great indicator of our conversion is our desire and willingness to share it with others.
* Joy we receive is not dependent on our outward circumstances but rather the focus of our lives. As we focus on the joy received from righteous living, we will be gifted with additional power and strength to overcome our circumstances.
* God wants you to be like Him, so you NEED to repent.
* If we truly love God, we wont hate or disregard His children. 
* Steady and consistent progress in the covenant pathway is most pleasing unto the Father.
* There is a reason, lesson and purpose behind seemingly unanswered prayers and unaided trials. Righteous living does not make us exempt from life's trials and troubles. However, righteous conduct, faithfulness and covenant keeping give us the necessary lenses to see through the trials to the eternal consequences, rewards and blessings. 
* We must "endure it well", a conscious effort to exercise our faith. 

We also went to a park between sessions of Conference on Sunday and found about 30 Persians playing soccer in PV! What?!?! It was SO COOL! We talked to them and they were really nice! 

1. Pano/Selfie of the Big Blue

2. Greenwoods

3. SanPedro Fish Market Feast #CrabLobsterShrimp&Potates

Have an awesome week! :)

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