September 12, 2016

HMMVs and PolyPower

Another week here in San Pedro! Its starting to get cold when the sun goes down (ocean breeze + no sun + from Arizona = brrrrr). It was a good week though! 

Friday we had Zone Conference/Mission Tour with Elder Cook & Elder Cordón of the seventy. It was awesome, although 12 hours of meetings is a long time.. I learned a lot from the spirit about perspective in the gospel. There is so much more to everything around us than the face-value. Everyone we meet could be the stake president in x amount of years and bless generations of latter-day saints. 

Saturday was full of cool little miracles. Our good friend Alexa, who is preparing to be baptized works at the local burger joint right down the street, so we pop in everyday to see her. The night manager the second half of the week is not very fond of us (religion in general but we always get the end of the stick on that one here :)) and she was working Sat. However, after Zone Conference and learning about looking through Gods eyes, we talked to her and just loved her to death. And her heart was softened! She was laughing and opened up to us and let us come in and say hi real quick to the staff! 

We had had a couple of appointments with some less-active and part-member families but they fell through and we were wondering why and decided that there must be someone Heavenly Father wants us to visit. E Griffin thought of a man, Russell whom I had briefly met and he had taught once, although he didnt seem quite interested. We stopped by and he was home! He came out to the fence and we talked for a solid 15 minutes about his new desire to come closer to God, how he has been attending a local Christian church and that he has been studying the bible! Within a month or so, his whole desire to strengthen his faith had increased 10 fold, complete 180° flip from what we had remembered. Awesome!

In addition, due to our "visiting Russell" trip, we overlooked trying to find a recent convert who hadnt been seen or heard of in about a year. While we were walking home for the night we started talking with this man walking the same direction. After introducing ourselves and asking for his name, we realize it was him! It was the recent convert we were going to try and find hours earlier and here he was! God loves His children and looks out for them, you and me! He always provides a way for His plan to have full swing in our lives! 

Some of our favorite Polys the Tuiaanas got sealed this Saturday! :) ahh it was awesome! 

Last week was Fleet week, here is a helicopter.

Our YM President in the ward had us accompany him to pick up some less-active young men for mutual in his 1988 HMMV.

Here is Sis Mayorga. One of my favorite members from the Westwood Ward, mission nurse and was E Griffin's comp for 45 minutes when he was in the hospital. #sistercompanions

Love you! Have a great week! :)

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