September 5, 2016

Labor Day - Fleet Week

Happy Labor Day! This week was Fleet Week here in San Pedro. The Navy is chilling in the Los Angeles harbor and its been cool to see all the peeps in white walking around. They have free tours of an aircraft carrier and destroyer ship so we are going to go cut the line and see if we can shoot some big water guns. :) 

This week has been a good one! We have been trying to work a lot more with less actives and part member families. Its not uncommon here in LA to have more than 60-70% of the ward less active. There is 900+ members in our ward here in Pedro, but only 200 or so come on Sundays. :) So theres the "low-hanging fruit", in the words of President Haynie. Its been awesome! On Thursday we stopped by this family's home and we had dinner (freshly caught fish from the port!) and a lesson with their non member friends who were over and the fam! We talked about the temple and the blessings that come from it and set up a time to go to the VC with them. Then on Sunday, the family came! :) It was awesome!!

Alexa has been doing well tambien! She came to church for the second time and really enjoyed the testimony meeting. We also had a lesson this week with her during her dinner break at work. We talked about the things we teach as missionaries and asked if there was anything specific she would like us to teach her. It was super cool to see the Spirit working within her as she thought about what she wants and needs. She is awesome! 

 We saw a Ferrari parked in the ghetto this week. 😬

We had dinner with a member in their house. They live on their boat. ⛵

We had Zone Training Meeting this week. Our zone is awesome! We have 4 greenies, which is been cool to reflect back on last year and my first couple months of the misíon. I don't there is any other place that I could have grown as much as I have than here on the mish. The best part, Ive got a long time left! :) The experiences I have had on the mission are most times too hard to explain or share over email, but I know that Heavenly Father is specifically aware of each of us. He has a plan for each of us and wants us to be happy. As we desire to know Him, to follow Him, He will bless us. As we align our will with His, He will strengthen us, give us power to keep our covenants and His commandments. We will be gifted with the peace and joy of the gospel. I love the mission! 

Have a great week! :) 

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