August 1, 2016

Huskies Make Friends

Ohh, the wrestle we had this week. Monday, we have a lesson with our friend Oswaldo and we had prayed and felt that he was ready to be baptized this Sunday. We show up Monday, go through the questions and behold, he was ready. He felt a bit nervous and inadequate, but we read in the scriptures and talked about the specific promised blessings of baptism and the change in his attitude was clear as day. He offered the closing prayer, first words out of his mouth were, "Heavenly Father, please help me to get baptized this Sunday." 

Thursday rolls us and we get a text. Not a good text. Basically we didn't see Oswaldo Thursday or Friday. He had gone MIA. First thing Saturday we bounce over and catch him at home. In preparing for baptism, Oswaldo has had to overcome some things in his life and its been really hard on him the last couple days. Satan was working on him overtime. We had a frustrating lesson, we couldn't seem to get through to him like we have in the past. We tried every approach we could think of but nothing. Finally we decided to watch a video about the prophet. We pull up "On the Lord's Errand: Thomas S Monson" and watch the first 10 minutes or so when all of sudden Oswaldo changed and said he was ready and he could get baptized on Sunday. When in doubt, use the words of the prophet to bring the spirit into your life! 

All went well and Oswaldo was baptized! Its was awesome. Brother Millett, Oswaldo's great member friend was able to baptize him. So so cool. After Oswaldo had changed and everything, he came out to sit down for the rest of the program and turned around and said, "Guys, Im perfect!" Haha it was awesome. Oswaldo's dad, who is not a member was able to make it and I had the cool opportunity to teach him the Restoration in Spanish while the missionary moment was going on! 

We have been working with this lady named Maricela! Super cool lady! The last lesson we had with her, her two young teenage boys, William and Jesse joined in on the lesson all on their own! So we went back with a young man from the ward and had a lesson with them! They had met with other missionaries from other churches before and felt like their questions were never answered. So we sat down and had an open Q&A style lesson. It was awesome! It was super cool to see that the gospel, even how simple it is can answer any question that someone can have about God and church. Very very cool. 

After being stressed about not being able to find Oswaldo Friday night, we walked by a house with a baby husky. Needless to say we stopped to play with the dog for a minute and the owner came out... But she was really nice and we ended up having an awesome conversation about God and the missionaries and she invited us back! #HuskiesMakeFriends

We are meeting with a member whose brother is sick and is staying at her house. His name is Tommy and he loves the Mormons, especially "his elders"! He always has something to say. This week he mentioned that Jesus Christ is in the soul saving business. Jesus is always there for us and often has to remind us, You may be done, but Im not. You may want to give up, but Im not done with you. I haven't brought you this far to just give up and let you go. Keep going! 

The mission is great! LA is weird. There is some crazy people out here. All is well. The sun comes up tomorrow and God's grace is always as sure as your day! Have an awesome week! 
When you find another country in the middle of your area.

When you try to pave a tree. 

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