August 8, 2016


Palos Verde

This week was a slow one. We've been trying to think of out-of-the-box ideas for finding and proselyting. We tried down by the beach, over at the port, harbor, and the local parks. Down in Palos Verdes there is this big park and apparently it is a big hub for Pokemon-Go. So literally hundreds of people are just mindlessly walking around tapping their phone. Great. But its become one of our favorite spots to contact because its right by the ocean, there is a nice ocean breeze and there is plenty of peeps to talk to. :) 
By the docks-Palos Verde

We had Zone Training Meeting with the zone this week. Twas good! With our new mission president, there are obviously changes. Earlier in the week we attended MLC and there was a different vibe, but a good one. Change is good! Anyway, we 
We had dinner over at Bishops house yesterday. He lives up on the PV hill. Yes, we are above the clouds in the pic.

Overall, good week! Still trekking through the mission. I love the mission, but dang its hard sometimes. Its ok to have a bad day, Whats important is the direction we are headed in! Everyone struggles, it may seem like you have to be perfect to do the "Mormon thing". Not true, latter-day saints keep trying. They aren't quitters, nor complainers. Look to God in all you do, it'll make the difference!

Have a good week! :) 

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