August 22, 2016

Emergency Room

This week was a bit out of the ordinary. We spent all Thursday in the UCLA ER. Why? 

Wednesday, E Griffin woke up with an upset stomach. He mentioned it, but we had a normal day. It was time for dinner, and our meal appointment fell through. It was at this moment that we both really wanted fries from our good friend MickeyD. We have been trying to eat healthier so, wasn't quite in line. So we put it into lucks hands and we played Rock Paper Scissors for it. I won, and next thing we know we find ourselves in line at McDonalds. After regretting it and feeling it, we head up to a Young Mens activity where they had hot dogs. We feel into peer pressure and ate some hot dogs as well. This is where the day ends and we find ourselves on the floor of our apartment with stomach yelling at us. 

Thursday morning, I get up, feel much better from the day before. E Griffin? Not having it. Fast forward to about 9am, we consult the Medical Binder, that tells us what is wrong and tips to help us feel better. We read 'Appendicitis' and it matches perfectly to how E Griffin is feeling at this point. Advice and Home Treatment: Contact the Mission Nurse immediately. And so we did. After a few "home tests" she tells us to get to UCLA asap. And this is where we find ourselves. :) 
E Griffin at the hospital.

After 8 hours in the UCLA ER, it was confirmed that E Griffin had appendicitis and needed to either be placed on antibiotics for a week or so in the hospital, or have it removed. #surgery Luckily, it was in no way related to what we had eaten the day before, so McDonalds is still good for you right? ... So, I left my companion in the hospital and roomed with the Farsi Elders for the night. :) It was really good to catch up and see them again. We also ran into Elder Sugden, who goes home in two days! :) #reunion 
Farsi Reunion

Next morning, some other elders from our zone drive up and I pair up with E Sleight, who was third-wheelin it in a trio with them, and the two of us spent 3 days together while E Griffin was getting his appendix removed and recovering. :) We saw him yesterday and he is doing awesome! Hopefully, he will be up and ready to get back to work tomorrow

Which brings us to transfers! Both E Griffin and I are staying another here in Pedro. Its been awesome and Im excited to spend more time here with the ward and people. We are pumped because our zone has been doing AWESOME! this transfer. In these first 3 weeks of August, we have had 8 baptisms in the zone, with 4 or 5 more next week! That is amazing down here in Torrance Palos Verdes. This zone has averaged about 4 or 5 baptisms a month for the past year or so, and this month we are killing it! We are excited because most of the zone stayed the same and we have some stellar missionaries. The Cabrillo Spanish Sisters are so on top of things and are definitely leading the pack [They will have 9-10 baptisms alone in their ward this month!! :)]!!
Palos Verde Panorama

Another Pano of PV and there is a lot of action right outside our apartment some mornings. 
The action outside our apartment!

Something that I've heard and has stood out to me at least 2 or 3 times this week is having two-way faith. It takes a great deal of faith to trust in the Lord, to trust in His timing when you want something. It also takes a great deal of faith, sometimes even a bit more, to trust in Him so much to not get what you want. God's will be done. It takes a lot of humility, patience and meekness to align or will with His. As we converse with the Lord, and share with Him our concerns and thoughts as we would a parent or good friend, He will let us know what we need to do. Setting goals and making plans with the Lord and then actually doing them, (thats the hard part) brings the power behind getting them done. Trust brings the Power. :) 

Have an awesome week! Love you all! 

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