July 25, 2016

God's Insurance

Its hot and muggy here, probably like most of the US haha. Its like 85% humidity.. gosh, its really hot. 
Palos Verde

So we met James last week. Really cool guy, he is in the Army and lives on base here in San Pedro. We texted him to meet up and he told us to just walk up to the base. We arrive and then this huge car from the 70s pulls out, and we hear a voice, "Get in." so we get in, and its James! haha just kidding we knew it was him. Anyway we go get his laundry, and head back to base and sit to talk about what we do as missionaries. HE then asked about the Book of Mormon and after reading 3 paragraphs of it he stops and was like, "Wait, you mean that this book fills in the gaps that are missing in the Bible?" "Yes!" "Dude, why doesn't everyone know about this?!" "We wish we knew. That's why we are out here man!" Dont think Ive met anyone so sincere to read and know if the Book of Mormon is true. AWESOME! 
Palos Verde coast

Oswaldo! Its been an awesome week with our friend Oswaldo. Fun story, he txted us Saturday night and told us he was going to go to the Spanish ward instead of our ward. What? We stopped by in the morning and no one was home, so we were a little confused and had lost hope. 10 minutes after church we were in the hallway of church talking with a member about how Oswaldo had said he was going to come to the Spanish ward, which started 10 minutes ago, and then the door flys open, and Oswaldo comes in!! WOOOOO!!! He walked probably 2 or 3 miles in the hot sun to make it to church, and he hates being hot! 

"Tithing is like God's Insurance. Nothing is better than God's Insurance, not even ObamaCare." - Oswaldo

"Jesus made everything. He made the book Im holding, he made me, and even my caramel skin." - Oswaldo
When your investigator isn't home but you need that daily fortification and the Samoans just fed you dinner.

​​We have been trying to increase our work with members because when the members and missionaries are united, the work hastens and progresses so much better. Get out and help the missionaries! A new thing we introduced to our ward and our zone here in PV is a ward council email. We give a brief update of our progressing investigators, their needs and concerns and what the next steps of action are, and we send it out to the ward council and the ward missionaries. We sent our first one out on Thursday and immediately the ward responded back with little things that they could help out with! It was awesome! 

Some things we can do to find those who want to hear the gospel. 
- Pray for opportunities
- Be aware of opportunities
- Invite friends to help with church callings
- Invite friends and neighbors to church events
- Visit new neighbors
- Your own idea

Thanks for all the support! California is good! Keep it up! Love you!
Our sink got all backed up from our neighbors, so we went to town fixing it so it didn't stink up the whole apartments all night.  #howghettocanyougo?

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