August 15, 2016

Juegos Olimpicos y La Politica

Not a day goes by where we get asked about the presidential race and the Olympics. Its crazy over here, world is probably going to end. 
TPV Zone
Behind the scenes...

Another week flew by! We've met some awesome people! Here is a little bit about the peeps from this week!

Victor - We met Victor at Point Fermin Park here in San Pedro, our favorite PokemonGO spot. ;) We had an awesome seaside lesson with him about the Plan of Salvation about 2 weeks ago. Since then we've Its super cool to see how the Book of Mormon and the gospel can answer any question that Victor has had. He is an awesome young man who sincerely wants to know if God is there for him!

Paula - Awesome young girl who has been involved with another church and their missionary program. She started meeting with us because she is interested in Christ's restored church! Who shouldn't be! We had an awesome lesson with her this week and she accepted the invitation to read the Book of Mormon and when she receives an answer, to follow it and be baptized!

Patrick - Man we met at a bus stop. At first, he was a bit rude to us, a bit stand-off-ish. He kept saying how young we were and how could we possibly help him with everything he has gone through. We shared a scripture and he just threw it out for trash. A little dis hearted, we offered to say a prayer with him. He wanted to hold hands as we did, mid-prayer, his grip tightens and he starts to cry. We said amen and you could just see how his heart was softened on the spot. He quickly agreed to meet with us and to learn more about how God can comfort us in any situation. 

Alexa - She works at the Burger place down the street and we see her ALL the time it seems like. We finally were able to sit down this week and teach her our first message, the restoration. We taught it way different than we normally do, but we kept with it and she loved it! She accepted a baptismal invitation and to come to church! But she didnt... She loves her sleep, but she'll come around. :) 

Miguel - We were walking looking for Pokemon.. I mean talking with people at the park and met Miguel. He seemed a little off, but as we kept talking with him, he opened up about how his life has taken a tough turn. He had come to the park to take a breather, and was thinking about jumping off the edge of the cliff.. But as soon as we came up, he wasn't thinking about it anymore and realized everything would be ok. While he wasn't interested in our message necessarily, Heavenly Father trusted us enough to help our bud Miguel out in a time of need. 

We went on splits with the Young Men this week and it was awesome! Young men! Go out with the missionaries, it is awesome for both you and the missionaries! 

The Greenwood Family
Their backyard :)

This is the Greenwood family, they are awesome. We had dinner with them yesterday and to share a message with their new neighbors who just moved in! They are super awesome and they were so excited to share their new toy their dad built, a rocket launcher! Very similar to the one my dad built, and it brought back good memories of building rockets with the fam and shooting them off at the park. Dad, I think Bro Greenwood has got you beat though. ;) 

Its my testimony that Jesus is the one in charge of His church and this work. Although His location changed after He ascended to heaven, He still leads and guides His church through the Holy Ghost and ordained apostles and prophets today. Keep going to church! Although repentance and coming to Christ, testimony and conversion are individual, fellowship is in the church. It is a place to recharge the batteries, be with and help those who are in the same or similar boat that you are. God loves you! 
We made homemade Carne Asada tacos :)

Have a great week! :) 

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