May 10, 2016


Happy Mothers Day! Someone in church gave a talk about how everyone is a mother because we all should take care of eachother and help each other out, so happy "You're a Human Day". 

Here is a picture of Persian food. It twas yummy in my tummy. 

Also, Elder Wiedrich and I took these selfies. Enjoy. We are having too much fun. 

So the day is Tuesday, the other Farsi elders steal our car, so we decide to walk about 1000 miles to visit our buds Mohammad and Hadi. We asked if they had been reading, no, so we opened up to Enos and started reading. I dont think there has been a more distracted pair of people. We managed to get through the 12 verses about prayer but after it was "ohh, let me go get something out of the car down the zip code" or "ohh, now is a good time to smoke a cigarette" or "this is old people langauge, we cant understand it". Then Mohammad starts to pitch the Quran to us, and has to look up how many times it mentions Jesus, so it must be true right? It was quite the adventure. Anyway, we left and didnt feel the greatest. 

The day is Wednesday night. We get a call from Hadi, the roommate. He tells us he had been reading after we left and LOVES what he is reading. He told us he even went online and read about how the church is all about families and he wants to marry a Mormon girl in a year or so! haha! #TheChange

We took Sister Mead with us and we drove another 1000 miles out to the valley to visit our dear Persian couple Amir and Yasna. They are AWESOME! We had dinner at their place (I thought the whole "EAT EAT EAT" thing was a hispanic thing, but Persians dont tell you, I just found Elder Wiedrich and Amir teaming up on me and just serving me more food and more food. #Vacuum

We had an awesome lesson with them that night. We taught the Restoration and got to hear a lot about their backgrounds and where they are coming from. I can not believe some of the things they have been through. Man, they are awesome. We invited them to be baptized and they accepted and are praying for a date. They planned on coming to church the next day and even asked what they could read to prepare for gospel principles! WHAT?!

Sunday. Church. Elder Wiedrich and I were able to teach Gospel Principles. We taught about the Priesthood and twas good. We finished, stood out in the hallway for a bit and then took Amir and Yasna in again to followup with everything last night. It all of a sudden turned into the Plan of Salvation! We get about halfway through, then Sister Mead had to leave to help another Persian member and we were left alone to our devices to teach the second half (harder half) of the plan. BUT! We got through it and Amir and Yasna told us that we helped answer some questions that had always bugged them from the bible! So sweet! They are the best!!!

Also, we got a TON of homemade Persian food. :) #YUM

I love you all! Have an awesome week! It was awesome to be able to talk with the fam bam yesterday! I cant believe how deep your voice is Sam! Dont kiss any girls! ...yet ;P

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