May 16, 2016

Another Week Already?

Well.. I cant believe its been another week already, wow. 

We have the best friends and they bring us homemade Persian food. Please enjoy this picture. It was Persian BBQ Chicken, roasted pickles and tomatoes and of course your rice with saffron on top. :) My favorite. Yes, I burned my hand on the pan :P 

We found Hamed! He has been super busy with school and work but on Saturday he called us and we met up and had a little lesson at the VC! It was so good to see him and know that he is doing ok! 

Church was good! We didn't see Amir and Yasna walk into sacrament so we were a little bummed out, but then they surprised us and let us know they had been there the whole time! haha. We had an awesome lesson about first having faith, then needing to repent, being baptized, receive the Holy Ghost and then keep going! It was so good in fact that a couple hours after church, Amir texted us with a scripture from the Book of Mormon and shared with us about how true it is that we need to follow Christ's example in all things. Super cool and we are stoked for our good friends Amir and Yasna! :) Yasna also wanted more things to study, so we hooked her up with about 100 pamphlets and a gospel principles book from the 70s. #RetroFarsiProgram Also Picture to come soon. We keep forgetting. 

Here is a view of the San Fernando Mission, we pit stopped on our way to a member dinner. :) Also, it is windy here in the LA, which is good! Not too hot! 

T'was a good week, although it was a rather slow week. :) #answerthephonewhensomeonecallsyou

Have a good week! Love you! 

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