May 30, 2016

Leaving for now...

Transfer Calls. Bit of a surprise, I am leaving Farsi and going to Downey, serving in an English area. As for the rest of the program, Elder Arguelles is going back to Spanish and Elder Wiedrich and Elder McCracken are getting together and will be the only Farsi companionship in the mission. From 4 to 2 Elders.. we will see what comes of the program, I hope I will be coming back soon! 

This week was another one! A bit slow, our friends Amir and Yasna have been up in Sacramento for job interviews and Amir got the job he wanted! Which is great, but its in Sacramento and they want to stay up there, live with a friend for a while just to feel out the job and then move permanently as things go well. That makes things a tad difficult when they live 200 miles away, so we will be Skype teaching them (I believe) with Sister Mead, who has been teaching Persian refugees in Germany! 

Farsi has been good! I have learned a ton, both about different cultures and people, and about myself. I think my favorite part of the mission thus far has been meeting new people everyday, who have a different story, background and set of core values. It been very interesting to learn about the different struggles and lives that people live not only outside Gilbert, Arizona, but the United States. Its hard to say I can relate, I cant, but I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and experience in a sense the realization that there is someone out there that can provide peace and love no matter what the circumstance. 

Keep being beautiful and strange! :P Have a good week! 

Persian Food.  

We tried visiting a bunch of potential on Saturday and didn't have much luck, but there were a lot of mirrors.
 Also this view. 

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