May 3, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! Next week. Be there.

This week was a good one! We started off our week with 3 lessons in about 18 hours, which is cookin' here in the Farsiland! We met with two guys, Mohammad and Hadi, the guys who offered us everything from Persian Tea to Beer. We were able to sit down and have a sweet discussion about faith and praying for strength in the moment. Also, E Wiedrich and I play guitar, and Hadi was able to teach us a cool Persian guitar strumming thing. Its like those nutso uke players on steroids. Awesome. 

We then had a lesson with a guy David. He was a referral and wanted to know why Christ, He being all powerful and the Son of God, would allow people to kill him. Answering questions to certain people of certain religious backgrounds, which specifically Persians tend to be, is often like talking to a wall. They are set in their ways and dont wanna change. However, E Wiedrich and I followed the Spirit and brought it down to: Would you die for your son? He responded yes and we followed up accordingly. Christ loves us infinitely. He really does. 

Third was the next morning and we met with our friend Nikoo at Santa Monica College! She is our friend back in December when we went to those cool VC events! We finally were able to meet with her and simply teach her about the Book of Mormon. She is the best! 

Church! AHH! So we had our new friends Amir and his wife Yasna come, and they are literally the best! Im so excited! They are honest truth seekers and simply want to learn about Christ and follow Him. Often times we struggle with helping Persians understand why Christ is so important, but Amir and Yasna have been prepared. They have attended other churches and congregations and found conflicts in doctrine (imagine that). We had a quick lesson after church with them and Yasna pulls out a sheet of paper with like 5 or 6 questions on it, she has been studying! We covered everything from Polygamy to Proxy baptisms to authority and baptism to the true nature of God. Honestly an awesome experience and the Farsi came through! #WhatEvenIsLife
Plan of Salvation

Since there are very limited materials in Farsi... We only have the Book of Mormon (which has only been available since September), Articles of Faith and a Gospel Principles book from the 70s, I have decided to make my own pamphlets! Thought I would share my Plan of Salvation drawing. Written across is just scripture references. Can you tell which are from the Book of Mormon? #Betyoucant

Also, I have been asked how the food is. Although we live in a very wealthy area, we dont get fed a whole lot. Maybe 2 or 3 times a week. So, with the help of E Arguelles and a hungry stomach, I have advanced to level "OK missionary cook" status. Here is Elder Wiedrich and my plate of Hamburger Pesto Alfredo Pasta with Love. 

Also, Happy Mothers Day! Have a great week! I love you! 

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