May 23, 2016

Cavemen Going Pro

Another week in the Farsi! 
Brother Anvaripour from Palos Verde

Yasna got her job! She had a skills test type deal on Monday and got the job! Wooo! And Amir has an interview today! Blessings for learning about Jesus and reading the Book of Mormon! 

Things we did this week:
Helped some Senior missionaries move
Had interviews with President
Went street contacting until we hit the beach

Graduated from UCLA
Ate lots of Persian food

I liked these quotes. "You are an average of your 5 best friends." Who do we surround ourselves with?

In Elders Quorum we talked about learning and progressing, and the purpose of the church, a collect body of people coming together to help each other. Do we isolate ourselves from being helped by others? Influenced by others' good? Do we deprive ourselves from receiving light from others? Is our lack of participation hindering others? Do we pretend like we are in a cave when we are really in the midst of those who want to help us? 

The gospel takes practice, much like everything else. Are you an amateur or a pro? :) the team is only as good as its weakest player :) 

I love you! Keep going! :) 

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