March 28, 2016

Energize you life with JESUS!

Happy New Year! This week was great! :) We started off with our favorite, Korean BBQ, with an awesome family in the ward! We had a good time and it was cool to learn from them and their unique perspective and challenges. :) Recognize anyone? Think, Disney Channel. :) 
Chloe East (Disney Channel star on "Liv and Maddy")

We had an awesome District Meeting on you guys! Members! :) Get out an share the gospel! Its super easy to invite someone to watch a 2 minute video about Easter or Jesus. Honestly, I cant believe I didnt do it more at home. I promise that as you share your testimony (Super easy with a thing called a mormon message/easter video that is awesome!), you will find yourself smiling, and whys that? Cause the gospel brings JOY! Do it! :) 

Haft Seen

Norooz! (The Persian New Year). Our ward put on this huge party for it and we had probably 150-200 people come! Mostly all Persians. Im kinda bummed out we couldnt dance as missionaries. :/ BUT! It was awesome! :) We met so many cool people and it was cool to celebrate their New Year with our good friends. Mehdi and Ehsan cooked the Chicken Kabobs for dinner, this is me next to the cooks themselves, in the flesh. 

Also, as part of tradition, Persians put up a display in their homes called "Haft Seen" which means 7 "S". Basically its 7 things that start with the letter S (Seen in Farsi) that represent different things such as New Life, Health, Wisdom, etc. Kinda cool, and you bet Im going to have grass, garlic and a goldfish in my living room for Easter for the rest of my life. Kinda odd, but hey! #Traditional

On Easter Sunday, Los Angeles decided to close off a big part of Westwood (Our favorite Persian finding place) for the day. They set up a huge stage for live music, every Persian who sells anything had set up a booth and people were selling food left and right. Ok, maybe not the best Sabbath day activity, but holy smokes there was probably 10,000 Persians in a little 1/4 mile. We handed out probs 200 cards and placed 2 Book of Mormons, got a ton of phone numbers and some peoples addresses. We are super excited for the next little bit and to see where the Lord takes us. :) Also, if I decide to play bass in a Persian rock band, dont be surprised. :) #PersianGrooveJive

We played basketball this morning. We were practicing or "Superman Arms" for swim lessons, ok maybe just me. 

Our good friend Maryam is super awesome! We have been learning with her about trusting in the Lord and relying on Him. Sometimes we pray and feel like we dont get an answer. I promise the Lord always answers, it may just be that we cant understand it, arent ready for it, or its different then what we want. Prayer becomes natural when we recognize our relationship with Heavenly Father. We are turning to Him, to align our will with His, not to change Him to fit our wants. Because ultimately, who knows best? :) Trust in Him. 

Kind of along the same lines, another moment with Elder Ekberg about perspective. Life is hard, most of the time anyway. It wouldnt be any fun if there wasnt bad times in there. We wouldnt learn or grow at all. However, I have caught myself asking, "Does it really need to be THIS hard? Why right now? Cant I just get over this one, then get another to chew on?" The Lord never gives us anything we cant handle. He loves us and knows we can do it, but we have to be willing and humble enough to ask for help. If that means mom, dad, a sibling, friend, teacher, dog, the wall or better yet reaching up, it makes the difference.Trust in the Lord. Have faith and do the little things that will build your faith! Pray, read the scriptures, watch the Easter video (with a friend), go to the temple, write your favorite missionary. We all know the right thing to do, we just have to do it. Start with something you know you can do. Then, pray, put your trust in Him and do something more, maybe even something a little scary. You can do it, but only with His help. Easter isnt all about the bunnies, theres something in that gift called the Atonement. Use it. Its there to HELP, not to put us down or make things seem impossible. 

I love all of you! If you ever need anything, Im here! Its awesome to hear about everyones experiences and adventures! Keep up the great work! The Lord loves you! :) 

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