March 14, 2016

Farsi Family

So. This week was good! We met this lady, Maryam about 2 weeks ago. We had met her friend Taranom on the street and invited her to the VC, well when she came she ended up bringing her friend Maryam! They are both PhD students, moved her from Iran and are going for some post-doc education! Super cool and super smart! Anyway, this week we met Maryam with Bishop, and they smarted it out. Bishop is some crazy rocket-surgery, mechanical engineering, flexible structures professor at UCLA and Maryam is a chemical engineer with emphasis in Plasma Processing or something crazy like that. Maryam has been through a lot, a lot of persecution, mistreatment and it is so cool to see the difference the gospel makes in someones life. A simple sense of freedom and feelings of love make all the difference in the world. 

English class

Also, our member friend Sam, was sick this past week. We went up to visit him this week to give him a Priesthood Blessing and to see how he was doing. While we were there we were also fed, Persian food, yes. Its the best, honestly the best food ever. Also, Sam has a son here in LA living with him, Erfan who is a professional drummer! He has performed with so many cool people, and at the NAMM show, gahh. So we talked music for a bit and then he had to teach me how to play this Persian hand drum, its honestly the coolest thing I have ever seen. Also, I got to play the Sitar, I am buying one. That is all. 

Hans Zimmer.  'Nuff said.  

We also went street contacting! :O 

Check out the new Easter Video! :) If you're in LA on April 23rd, Gladys Knight is coming and doing a free "Musical Presentation" with her Gospel Choir :) cool opportunity for missionary work. 

Farsi! I havent really talked about it ehh? Well, its coming! Ive been in Farsi for about 4 1/2 months, and  its definitely frustrating at times. I dont really have anyone to look to for help understanding, I have to be that guy, so its fun. Definitely waiting for the interpretation part to kick in, but all is going well. I can read the Book of Mormon and understand nearly everything which is good. However, because we are not immersed in the culture/language, its hard. Speaking, understanding and simply just having enough lessons, exposure to the language is hard but its coming! :) Just have to keep reminding myself that it has only been a little over 4 months and we are doing great! 
Korean BBQ.  Of course


Also, Ive been thinking about how well the mission prepares you for things later in life. I cant say I know exactly how, but I know that being out serving, Heavenly Father is preparing me for what will come later. If you dont use the time Heavenly Father gives you, you miss out on the blessings He is waiting to give you. He puts us in companionships out on the mission in order to prepare us for marriage. The more I think about it, a companionship is a little family. You sacrifice, compromise, and decide what is right rather than who is right, together. There cant be a happy, or successful marriage, family, or companionship with one person. It takes two. Same with a district, zone, mission, or a family. It takes individual AND collective effort on everyones part to be successful. Family is important! Elder Holland said that he doesnt know if there are wards or stakes in heaven, but there sure are families. Prepare now for what is to come. Everything God gives us is to prepare us for additional happiness and joy. 

Thanks for everything! Have an awesome week! :)

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