March 21, 2016

Tea? Sorry, we don't have coffee.

Happy New Year!! Norooz! It was the Persian New Year this weekend so, celebrate! 

So, last night, after a day full of New Year street conacting, we got a referral, had time, so we went to go see them. Met Mohammad at the door and invited us in, later his friend Hadi shows up. Two cool guys from Iran, here to study and get their degrees. They play guitar and piano, basically Eler Arguelles and I in persian bodies. We sat down, and in Persian culture, host offers drinks to the guest, usually tea. "Ohh we don't drink tea." 
"Tea? Sorry, we don't have coffee." 
"Actually, we dont drink that either." 
"Ohh, fruit? Can you have that?"
"Yes, haha, we can have fruit, only on Tuesdays though."
We ended up having a great lesson with them and are excited to see how the progress. Also, I have Koran homework reading. 

Had some Persian food! Also some Venezuelan food to celebrate culture I guess haha. I also bought corndogs this week #missionlife probably the best decision I've ever made. 

We went on a hike this morning! Ahh, LA. Why cant I be normal? Im EXTRAordinary. or something like that. 

Our friend Farid has gone a little MIA. Please pray for him. We are excited this week for Norooz. The actual new year was this past weekend but our ward is throwing its own seperate party, I should have some pretty cool pictures next week. We hope Farid will come and it'll be a good chance to fellowship and see where hes at. 

This week was good! We had Zone Conference, loved it. We talked a lot about what we can do now to become Christlike and always stay active in the church. Its a lot about burying our weapons of rebellion and allowing the Lord to take control. Attributes of Christ are gits from God, and I know that we can be gifted with these qualities as we strive to use them for the betterment of others and build up around us. 

Anyway! I hope everyone has an awesome week! Remember you are loved! :) Hopefully Spring Break was cool! This week is SB for UCLA so Westwood will be a ghost town, but that just means more Persians! :O For the New Year! Woooo! :) Love you! 

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