March 7, 2016


Farsiland Adventures. I need an exciting way to start my emails. Ideas? 

Another great week! We went to Korean BBQ twice this week.. I like it maybe a bit too much. :) 

Also, we were able to do some service for, I think an old Senator of California. This is a selfie (props to Elder Arguelles) of his wife and her sister. We may or may not be getting letters of recommendation from a Senator on our resumes. haha.. haha 

Also, this is Elder Jung! He is from Korea, he was serving in Seoul South before coming out waiting on his VISA, but now he is here. Heres another thing, he knows Elder David Law! He was in the same district with him and even lived with him (I think) for a time! How cool is that! Small world! 
Elder Jung

Also, Hamed, as always. 
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We met with our great friend Farid this week and had a solid lesson with our bishop about the Restoration, the BoM, and the prophets. He soaked it up and we are so excited to continue to see him progress in the gospel! He is awesome and he was even able to come to YSA ward with Hamed this Sunday! We are meeting with him later tonight to follow up and read in the BoM with him! 

We got a referral to visit a man in the valley, out of our mission, so we took a drive last night. We show up, knock the door and a nice older Persian man, JB greets us and tells us that we should speak with his Son about God, he wasnt too warm at first with us. Well, the son wasnt home, so we asked him when a better time to come and talk with him was when the son just pops up behind us! Sweet! The dad invited us in and we had an awesome discussion about the restoration of Christs church with JB and his son Nima. We left them with a Book of Mormon and promised them if they ask God if it was true, they would receive an answer. Nima told us, "I'll do it! I already believe you guys, but I'll do it!"

Anyway, great week! Im grateful for the opportunity to be here on the mission! I know we grow through trials and challenges. Heavenly Father loves us enough to give us these things to stretch us to grow into the people He wants us to become. If it didnt hurt a little, we wouldnt get any better. :) Keep going! :) Have an awesome week! :)

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