April 4, 2016

Miracle week!

Hola mi amigos! 

Twas another week in the Los Angeles California town. We were allowed to go do a session in the LA Temple. Great bonus to the week and Im so glad we have one so close! Also, 4 new temples?! Woooo! Thats crazy! Elder George, thats one more for you buddy! #Peru

This week was great! The Persians here were still very busy celebrating the New Year with those after parties but we still managed to find some awesome success! We set two baptismal dates! :O

The first is our good friend Shahla! Her husband Bahram, herself and their daughter came into the VC on Monday looking for the Norooz party, but it was last Saturday. The VC Sisters called us, and we showed up in our killin' 2012 Toyota Corolla! Wooo! Just kidding, but it was awesome! Turns out, Bahram is already a member and due to some, safety purposes out of their comtrol, Shahla was not baptized with him, but she is super prepared and ready now! Their daughter has a surgery during the month and they are getting her ready for that but we are excited to help Shahla learn and progress towards baptism by the end of the month! :) I cant believe the amount of sacrifice some people are willing to make for the gospel. I cant disclose too much over email, out of saftey purposes, but honestly, I am so so grateful to be able to meet and work with such amazing people. :) 

Our second is our good friend, Fatima. About a month ago, we met with some elders in the San Fernando Mission (just north of us) to give them some of our English Class cards to hand out to Persians that they meet up in the valley (out of our mission boundaries). They told us about this apartment complex that was full of Persians and said we should go knock it. So we had some time and showed up and there was probably 12 buildings with 15-16 apartments in each one.. We said a quick prayer and felt like we should knock on 114. Well we found Fatima and her boyfriend (who was crazy, on drugs, and long story short is now in prison..)! We left her with a Book of Mormon and we said we would keep in touch. Well a week later she ends up moving, and she had school finals and was super busy, and we lost contact for a couple weeks. BUT, Saturday after Priesthood session she calls us and wanted to meet! We sat down and read in 3N11 and explained what the Book of Mormon is and our purpose as missionaries and then invited her to be baptized! She agreed and we are now super excited for our good friend Fatima for May 1st! :) 

What do those squiggles on your nametag mean? #korean

Conference! Gahhh! It was awesome. Elder Bednar and Elder Uchtdorfs talk during priesthood were awesome and coincidently what Ive been studying the past few weeks during studies. :) Its always a great time of year and Im so grateful for the opportunity and privilege we have to learn from the Spirit through the Prophets and Apostles. :) Super stoked to reread them! 

This week is miracle week in the CLAM! Be excited! :) Last week was a great week for us, we achieved all of our goals and had an awesome time. We are excited for this week, the stretch and the potential it has for success! :) Grateful for the opportunity to serve and to become better! Im grateful for our Heavenly Fathers plan for us, for His Son's Atonement, that makes it possible to progress, and for the constant companionship of the Spirit. :) its a great time to be living! Make the last 2 minutes count! 

Tommy's Burgers:  Double Chili Cheeseburger please.

Have an awesome week! I love you all! :)
ارشد اِكبرگ

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