February 29, 2016


This week was a good one! We had 1st quarter training, those who have completed 6 months or more on the mission, basically "push through the wall of laziness" training. Wednesday, the International zone had a special training on having faith to set high expectations and baptismal dates. We are in the last 2 minutes before the second coming and we need to find those who are going to be the driving force to the end. We need to start finding those who are going to help the gospel into Iran. We talked a lot about turning people over to the Lord if they are not progressing and setting baptismal dates early as a goal to work towards. Awesome start of our week! 

We got a referral for a new Persian family that moved in, down in Torrance close to the beach. Drove down there, the address we had was for this huge park.. super confused. Also the phone number was bad so.. great referral, so as we came back we drove next to the beach. :O 

Its heating up and boy its ward during the day! However, I still freeze over every morning.. Gahh its like Arizona, but its k :) Also, feed the missionaries! Its important! :) 


So, we set a baptismal date with our good friend Farid! We had our first official lesson with him this Sunday and it was awesome! We went to the Visitors Center and watched a video about missionary work, and we explained that as missionaries we help people to follow Jesus Christ. After a while he said, "I dont know why, but whenever Im with you guys, I just feel so good. I never want to leave and I feel at home here." We went to the Cristus and listened to the audio (Jesus Christ talking) and we asked him how we felt, "Just peace, like nothing except love and good things." We walked around the temple teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the HG, and enduring to the end) and we stopped and asked him to be baptized, he said "yeah! Im ready, lets do it tomorrow!" GAHH! We walked up real close to the temple doors and talked about how the temple is the house of God. We made it back to the VC and said a last prayer with him before he headed out. After the prayer we asked him what he felt, he took a moment and said, "I cant describe it, its just so good and I love it." Ive never heard anyone explain the Spirit so well. We are so excited for him! March 27th

Hamed was sick this past week, but he got better and we caught him at church! :O Hes still coming to LA YSA trying to get those dates in, haha :) 


In my study this week, I studied a little bit about faith. After all, our faith is a gift from God and we receive more as we exercise our faith in Him, by praying, keeping the commandments, studying the scriptures, turning outward, serving, etc. To show our love, devotion and our faith in Him, we make covenants, promising that we continue to improve and follow Him. With these covenants, we are blessed exponentially, both immediately now and we rack up the brownie points in the next. As we faithfully keep our covenants, we are blessed with more faith, in fact we are able to obtain the greatest possible faith available with the associating covenants. Keep your covenants, even if it is to get out of bed when your apartment is frozen over and your bed is WAY warmer! There is blessings! You can have them! They are free! 

I love you all! Thanks so much for your example! Keep going! I know its hard sometimes, push through! :) Have an awesome week! 

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