October 6, 2015

Conference Weekend

Ahhhh what a GREAT Conference. Really the best, wasn't it? 

Before I share my favorite things on conference and such, this week was great. 

Lots of great lessons, experiences, time to strengthen my companionship, really everything. Then on Friday we had Zone Conference! YAY! But. I didn't make it... Food poisoning. Yeahh... Elder Guerrero and I had something the night before that did not sit well and we were up ALL night. Friday was a recovery day because we were SO sick. It really was a bummer.. :/ BUT! Luckily, the week blessed us with none other than conference! 

​-Exaltation is our goal. Discipleship is our journey.
-Center our lives in Jesus Christ. What are we willing to give up? ​
-Resentment diminishes progress. Let it go
-Our direction is more important than our speed. ​
​So, yes we got to watch conference, and in English too! It is broadcasted at the Stake Center here, and since my stake is multicultural (English, Spanish, ASL, Tongan, Samoan, Korean) we had conference in which ever language you fancy. So.. English. :) It was awesome and I'm grateful. 

-Reach UP for help, not across. 
-Mothers. < Need I say more? That is a principle in itself. 
-We choose how long darkness can/will influence us. 
-To receive answers, we need to have real intent, not just curiosity. 
-Faith is a choice. It doesn't happen by chance. 
-When there is a gap between where you are now, and where you want to be, we often lose hope. Take small steps in the right direction. Be willing

I think this was one of my favorite conferences, by far. It seemed like EVERY talk was just on point and perfect. Which means I have a lot to learn and need to apply EVERYTHING that was said. I loved how lots of the speakers extended commitments. Hey, I do that too! Commitments are awesome because if someone isn't invited to do something, they probably won't do it. So the invitations to ponderize, save money, trust in ____, turn the volume down, expand our scope, they are inspired and we need to act. 

-Spiritual experience/knowledge is just as real as physical, mental, emotional.
-God knows our capacity and knows what help we are going to need. 
-We must learn to see others through His eyes. 
-Sin-resistant generation? 
-True disciples don't look for excuses, they desire to inspire, not impress.
-If we have the Spirit, we will never not know what to do. 

Also, this is a thought I had this week. Lots of times in life, we find ourselves at a crossroads, or even perhaps just "stuck in the mud" or a bit lost. Maybe we have two choices laid before us, or we just don't know what to do. What do we do? I'm doing everything I'm supposed to. What's up? Are you waiting to be rescued? Waiting for someone to stop by and tell you the answer? Why am I waiting for the perfect opportunity? Get up and get moving. You know what to do and where to go. If you need to make a choice, seek His help and then make a choice. Don't delay making a choice or not making one. If you are doing your part, He will do his. Get up and get moving. If you start down a path that isn't right, He will let you know. But you know what you need to do in order to know. Hold on to what you know to be truth, the only thing that won't change in a world that constantly does. Trust in Him. 

-Don't be too critical of the barriers in our lives, it's often the only thing going for us. 
-Why do you wear your seatbelt? Keep his commandments? 
-The Atonement leaves no trace. What does it take to enter into His kingdom? 
-Need not be perfect, only getting better
-When you can not do what you used to, you only do the things that matter most

I'm already half way through my 3rd transfer, time flies! I can't wait for what is up next. This week I'm going to study Humility and Charity. My scripture to ponderize is Mosiah 23:21-22. Thank you for everything and your support! I love you! 

Yo so que Jesucristo vive. Yo se que la iglesia fue restaurado por medio Jose Smith y tenemos la verdad. Estoy agradecido por la opportunidad para escuchar el profeta y los apostoles esta semana. Necesitamos aplicar los principios en nuestro vidas y yo se que al aplicarlos podemos sentir el espiritu mas y saber que cosas que necesitamos cambiar para ser mejores. Gracias que a El vive y estoy aqui en la obra de El. Lea el Libro de Mormon. Lo es la palabra de Dios y hay muchas cosas que debemos hacer para que ser felices. Gracias por todo. Yo amo ustedes mucho! :) Hasta Luego!

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