October 26, 2015

Special Assignment

I have decided that my ponderizing scripture of the week will be Nephi 3:7. Simple, yes. And I think I will be needing all the simplicity I can get in the next, well.. 20 months I have left on the mission. This past Saturday, I hit the 4 month mark, and boy I feel like I have grown up so much in just these past 4 months.
"Farsi" written in Persian

On Sunday, I received a phone call from President Weidman. I have been called to serve in the Farsi program here in the California Los Angeles Mission. Starting tomorrow, I will be learning Farsi, the Persian language from countries like Iran, Iraq, Qatar, etc. I do not know much about it, or even what it sounds like, but I have been told it is similar to Arabic. Yes, I do believe they write right to left. I have also been told that there are only 8, well now 9, Farsi speaking missionaries in the world, and there are only certain passages of the Book of Mormon that have been translated into Farsi. Definitely going to be needing that simplicity.

My Farsi "trainer" will be Elder Sugden. Have not met him yet, although I have heard he is a redhead from Alabama. I really excited, and really nervous for this opportunity. It will definitely will be an adventure.
La familia Tujal.  One of my favorite families in the ward.  They feed us every Wednesday.

Finally putting Julia's apron to work.  I cooked pork chops and made mashed potatoes!

On the other hand, Elder Dallimore and I had a great week! This week is all about our bud Antonio! He is awesome! He told us earlier in the week that he wasn't going to be able to make it to church because he had to work, he even asked his boss for the day off but... he didn't budge. So we wanted to get him up to the Visitors Center on Saturday, but he kinda disappeared for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. Then all of sudden, we get a call! "Hey guys! I got Sunday off! I'm coming to church!" And it came to pass that there was much rejoicing.

Sunday morning, Antonio does not show up for priesthood. We get a call before 2nd hour, "Guys! I was on my way and my car battery died!" Jumper cables in hand, we start to head to the rescue when he calls back telling us that some guy helped him out and he is on his way! Antonio arrives at church!! Not today Satan. We had an awesome gospel principles class, sacrament meeting, and he even stayed for the baptism after!! It was so cool!! We went over later that night to follow up about everything and he LOVED IT! He was asking when he could get baptized and he felt something the whole time at church that just felt so good, and GAHH!! Yes! We are going to the Visitors Center with him tonight, my last day as a Spanish Elder..haha.

And thats pretty much the week in a nutshell! I'm glad I had this chance to spend a week with Elder Dallimore, he is awesome and such a great example. He is training this next transfer and what a great area to do so in! :) Hopefully I can keep some of my Spanish to come back and visit my friends I made over here. :)

The Plates of Compton.  I left my record of my dealings in this land, yea, even for a season.  
Some thoughts for the week: 
What is Revelation? Receiving divine guidance through the Holy Ghost. How can I have that? Its simply by doing our part. As we come prepared to sacrament meeting, look forward with a steadfastness in Christ and do the simple things everyday, the Lord is bound. We have his promise that we will always have His spirit to be with us.

“Sometimes we are tempted to let our lives be governed more by convenience than by covenant. It is not always convenient to live gospel standards and stand up for truth and testify of the Restoration. … But there is no spiritual power in living by convenience. The power comes as we keep our covenants” - M Russell Ballard

Thank you for all your love, support, and prayers. The mission is a beautiful thing and I am so privileged to be able to serve as a representative of Jesus Christ. I know the Gospel is true and by simply living the principles found in the teachings of Christ, there are so many more blessings and happiness than we could ever imagine.

Hasta Luego,
Elder Dan Ekberg
My desk.

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