October 19, 2015


So this week started off with my last "New Missionary Orientation". It
was awesome, I learned a lot and it really took it back to the basics
of how to make street contacts simple but powerful, teaching simply,
and effective planning. We also had interviews with President. Mine
was less than 2 minutes long. Probably the shortest interview I have
ever been in! Haha!  But we left the meeting with our iPads! But turns
out they didn't work, so we actually didn't get them until Friday
after District Meeting. The mission also got new phones as I guess the
church switched providers so.. still the same crappy old phones but
they are new. :P

Elder Guerrero I did everything from eat Mole Enchiladas in Compton to 
mow lawns to hooking up cable tv to having rocks thrown at us this week.
It is still super hot and we are waiting for it to cool down. It's been
a crazy week to say the least.

Friday, I went on exchanges with Elder Kawamitsu, yes, he is from
Japan, and also yes, I kid you not, he is the David Archuleta of Japan,
and yes, he really does sing that good. Elder Kawamitsu is one of our
Assistants to the President here in the CLAM (California Los Angeles
Mission). He is really cool, and I had a lot of fun and learned a lot
from him. It was kinda fun being "assistant" for the day.

Our week took a turn Saturday morning. We had just switched companions 
back and we went to the church to set up my ipad and get it all working.  W
got a call, from President. Long story short, Elder Guerrero would be
getting Emergency Transferred in 4 hours, and I would be getting a new
companion. Elder Guerrero got called to be a new Zone Leader in LA2, and
Elder Dallimore, the old Zone Leader in LA2 would be coming here for 
the last week of the transfer. President then said, "Elder Ekberg, you are to
train Elder Dallimore about your area. Teach him everything there is
to know, about the people, about the ward because this is your last
week in that area. Also, I will be calling you next week with your
special assignment." WHAT?!?! I'm not ready coach!! Anyway, we went
back to the apartment, got everything packed up, said a couple quick
goodbyes and exchanged companions. And I have been companions with Elder
Dallimore since Saturday afternoon!

This really took both of us by surprise. We thought Elder Guerrero would
be getting transferred and I would be staying here, but turns out we
are both gone! And now I have a week to teach Elder Dallimore everything
there is to know about our area. I am excited and nervous, and really I
have been surprising myself with everything that we have been able to
do in the past couple days. Spanish seems like the least of my worries
right now and the words just come and I can understand more than
usual. I think it's amazing what the Lord is able to do 
when you rely on Him.

So as a wrap up of this week, I now have a different companion for the
last 10 days while I am here: Lawndale and Compton, Hermosa Liahona
Ward, Torrance North. And next week I will know where I'll be headed
off to, maybe with a special assignment. Elder Dallimore told me that one of
the Farsi Elders is going home this next transfer and they'll need
another elder.. No. I know I joked about that happening before the
mission, but if that comes true.. :)

I'm excited for whatever the Lord has in store for me. I know I've only
been out for almost 4 1/2 months, but it seems like forever. Yes, the
shirts are still white, but I go to bed every night exhausted. :) I
love the mission and am so excited and grateful to be out here
serving. :) Any questions? My ponderizing scripture this week is Alma
37:33-34. How about you? I love you all and thanks for everything!

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