October 10, 2016

Mini Missionary

Start of the new transfer and we started off with a little surprise, change of companions! Im now serving with E Williamson! He has been out for about 20months and has served in Spanish until now. He is from Auburn, Maine, little different than sunny Los Angeles. He is a good guy and Im excited for the new transfer. 

This week was on fire! We had some awesome experiences. We had the opportunity to have a YM from Redondo come out with us for 2 days (Fri night -> Sun night). His name is Tyler, he is a Senior in HS and wants to serve a mission next year! Woooo! It was so cool to have him with us and the Lord really blessed us with some awesome lessons and people while he was with us. 

We were able to help out a lady with her ceramic business, cataloging, moving and storing. She has had a fair amount of contact with the missionaries and was so excited to have us stop by. She gave us root beer and ice cream for our hard work and then surprised us by giving her little puppy an ice cream float of his own. Here is a video of this poor dog getting a brain freeze, haha.

Alexa is doing well. She expressed some concern with family pressure and is unsure if this is what God wants her to do. We taught her about specific prayer and having real intent and invited her to pray and ask God if this is true and something He wants her to do and if so, when He would like her to take the step of baptism. She gladly accepted and we are excited to hear back from her about her answer. 

Missionaries in this area have been working with Christina and Eugene for a while and we got to meet with them his week. They have been through a lot and are bouncing from place to place, trying to find somewhere to settle down, not that easy anywhere, let alone LA.. Christina has the desire to be baptized and start getting back to church and Eugene he thinks that them two getting married will escalate things and help them be more unified. However, they don't necessarily share each others desires. So we are trying to help them see that BOTH are great desires and they should work together to achieve both! :)

Thomas & Victoria. Ahh man they are awesome. They had us over for dinner this weekend and we had some awesome homemade Nicaraguan food with them. We also read the Book of Mormon and talked about the family with them. It was cool to discuss how we can protect our families from the world and the influences that are in it. We talked about how sometimes, despite our best efforts, loved ones still fall away, but the things we do, our examples still make lasting impressions upon them. 

We were trying to visit this potential Brian who lives with his grandma who is a member of the Spanish ward here in Pedro, no answer at the door. We wait for a little try again, nothing. Then the whole family of peeps come walking in and see that we are standing at their door, you could tell they were like, what the? We introduced ourselves and asked if they had a few minutes. At first, they were a little hesitate but they invited us in and told us, ok, you only have 5 minutes. Pretty soon we had all the kids laughing, mom was smiling and the grandma was so happy. Turns out, when the grandma was investigating the church back in 94', they had gone to the Visitor Center and when we were talking the mom, Anna all of a sudden remembered the giant Jesus statue and was just ecstatic. We shared a little about eternal families and then watched a video on the Plan of Salvation that put Anna in tears. It was so cool to see the Spirit work through everyone, especially the mom and we are so excited to continue to work with them. Yes, we stayed longer than 5 minutes ;) 

All in all, great week! I love the mission! Its awesome. Church is true, Book is blue and God is a Mormon. 

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