October 24, 2016

Don't sell yourself short

Hello World!

This past week was a rough one. We faced a lot of rejection, BUT the work goes on! :) 

Im grateful for the opportunity to serve. Also for the chance to grow so close to the people that we are serving and with whom we are serving. Its been unreal to be placed in a situation where I can develop unique relationships, with other missionaries, members, investigators, etc. With that opportunity, I have grown to love the people here in Los Angeles, despite all the differences. I have found myself caring about these people, and this week I realized that more than I ever have. Its hard when these people tell you they are too busy, life is too hard and they don't want it. Its hard when you know they know it, yet they still choose not to. :) 

Im rounding out on 2/3 of the way through my service and Im so grateful for this short time I have. This is a little bit of what Ive been thinking about this week. 

We must give others the opportunity to repent and change just as much as the Savior gives us the opportunity to do so. Imagine if there was only one chance to get it right, or even a limited number of 'chances'. We would have blown it along time ago! There is nothing we can ever do to be 'too far gone' from the reach of the Atonement. There is always the opportunity for a second chance, for a clean slate and a positive future.

I also wonder if sometimes we see others by their mistakes and things done wrong rather than by their potential and capacity to do good. Isn't that how our Father in Heaven looks at us? He always sees us as who we can become, full of potential and future, not by our shortcomings and the mistakes we have made. After all, we all have an equal opportunity to repent and become clean, I don't have a 'more deserved' opportunity than you do. 

I am going to work on looking at others with Heavenly Fathers eyes. Seeing them, not for their mistakes, but with their potential to repent, change and be sanctified through the Lord. After all, people can change. It is our purpose here on earth to change and become more like Him. Don't sell others short, and don't sell yourself short by thinking others aren't trying to be their best selves either. The Atonement is there for everyone. Allow others to use it and be a friend, we all need help along the way. :)

I hope you all have a great week! :) thanks so much for everything!!
Elder Park 

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