July 4, 2016


Happy 4th of July! Hope you all have a blast! #funpuns

Am I a real missionary with a real missionary tan line yet?
This is Santiago! We went up to the Visitor Center this week with him to help him prepare for his baptism! Its been really cool to see how much he has grown in the past 3 weeks. There are still days when he is kind of flaky, but he is trying his best and we can feel it! We went to go pick him up with a member for church Sunday morning and we found him talking to a lady on the street. I guess this lady was trying to get him to come to the Christian church down the street but he was being a missionary and was inviting her to come to our church!  Super cool! 

While at the VC, we ran into Zane and his mom, who went on the school Europe trip a year ago! Zane was actually my roommate and we did everything from swimming in a Swiss lake to frolicking through Austrian fields together. It was cool to see them for a little bit! Also, a member from the Downey 3rd ward drove us up and we ran into the missionary who taught and baptized him 30 years ago in France! What a small world. 

We went on exchanges this week, I got to go to the bike area in our zone. :) #itshot It was super fun, change of scenery, but after exchanges we noticed this weird looking burn on my arm. Not sure how it got there, dont remember touching anything, but none the less here is a nasty picture of my skin cancer. Enjoy.
President Weidman bounced and President Haynie arrived and the mission got to meet him on Thursday and Friday. I was asked to play the piano for our "Meet the President" meeting on Friday and little did I know Id be playing background music for 2 hours while everyone else went up to have little chit-chat with President. 2 hours later of hymnals, twas tired. :) Im super excited to have the Haynies here and I feel super blessed to have had a year with President Weidman and now a year with President Haynie. 

We had car troubles again this week. Rather than our oil cap, our coolant and radiator went all whack. Thursday night as we are driving home for the night our car overheats and freaks out. 0 coolant. Great. So we had a very early start Friday, tried to fix it, car kept overheating throughout the day and we ended up getting a loaner car for the next couple days. And its blue! :) You know you are a missionary when the color of your car makes you excited. I feel like Gus and Shawn in the Blueberry. 

We were checking out potentials in an area we had never been before this week and we ran into the Noriega family. Turns out they LOVE the elders, but they stopped coming by a couple months ago and know one really knows why. But their son Lorenzo had moved to Utah for 6 months and went to church and knows EVERYTHING about the church. When we would explain things to the rest of the family about our purpose or why we do this that, Lorenzo would jump in and explain it all. Haha It was super cool to meet them and they are super nice! :)
Cool experience! We were in another area, visiting potentials, near the creepy paper lady in the chair and skull on the stick, and we felt like we should knock on a couple doors. We knock on one, guy comes to the door and asks why we knocked on his door in Spanish. We explained that we were missionaries and we felt like we should, we didnt know exactly why but here we were. He said ok, hold on. He leaves and we think "Ohh man he is going to get the shotgun." Haha he comes back and tells us to come on in. What? So we go in and sit and he asks again why we knocked on his door. Earlier that morning, Edgar felt like he needed to get back to church. He has been going through a rough time in his life and needs peace but didnt know where to turn. His whole family is Christian but his wife and her family are Catholics, so he was kinda split. Then we pop up and knock on his door. Edgar had lived in Utah for 10 years and was so impressed about how nice the people were, how they helped him find work and even help him move out here to CA. He then told us that his oldest son had actually been going to the Mormon church and got baptized! What?! We shared a video and a scripture out of the Book of Mormon and promised him peace and he was all smiles. Great referral for the Sisters! :) Ive always heard of stories about cool knocking-the-door miracles, but its so cool to look back and realize that they actually happen. :) God is good. 
Please enjoy all these pictures of E Kuyoth and I having too much fun while we visit potentials. Have a great week! 
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