July 11, 2016

به پلاس وردس ميروم (I'm going to Palos Verdes)

It wouldn't be the Los Angeles mission without huge changes every 6 weeks haha. After only 6 weeks down here in Downey, Ill be spending the next transfer down in Palos Verdes, as far south as you can go before going swimming! Haha As far as E Kuyoth, he is staying and finishing the mission here in Downey. My new companion is E Griffin, E Kuyoth's last companion, so I'm super excited! Loved my time here in Downey, E Kuyoth, the ward, the people here are awesome! Sad to leave, but still excited for the next one!

4th of July was awesome! We live on the 3rd floor and our apartment faces the street and a park so we had a 180° view of all the illegal fireworks here in So-Cal haha. We found gingerbread mix in our cupboard and decided to make them. Bad idea, they were not very good, but we stayed up and watched fireworks for almost 2 hours since we had to be in early. 

This week was a little slow. It seemed like we walked and walked and talked and talked but no one was interested. Some weeks are just like that but it was a little discouraging, this whole transfer has been on FIRE! However Sunday, while we were walking and walking haha we met this girl out in her front yard. We said hello and asked what the most important ting in her life was. She responded that family, her niece and nephew were the most important thing to her. We talked to April for probably 15 minutes and the more and more we talked she kept saying how impressed she was that two 19 year olds would come out for 2 years to do this. She has been looking for a way to strengthen her faith and she told us she has been up and down, on and off the right path in her life and wants her niece and nephew to grow up to be like us! Haha it was awesome to be able to meet April. After we left, E Kuyoth and thought about it and decided that if we had been there 10 seconds earlier or later, we would have missed her. The Lord really does put us exactly in the path and spot we need to be to be able to bring to pass His work. He loves us and blesses us when we are diligent and obedient. 

As far as Santiago goes.. He went MIA again this week. 

Quick update on our part-member family, the Sailors! Autumnrain and Mikey, their two younger kids are set to be baptized next week! Woooo! It has been super cool to be able to work with them and feel their enthusiasm to learn and follow Jesus. We taught them the commandments with a cool hand game to remember all 10 and they quickly went inside and taught their parents right after! We had a lesson with their older brother and he was a little rusty on prayer and Autumnrain who is 10 was helping him along! We asked them why we read the scriptures and Mikey who is 8 said, "So we can learn more about Jesus!" Ahhh they are the best! :) 

California has these really interesting plants everywhere. 

We were gonna visit an investigator, he told us to come back in 30 minutes, we did and were greeted with two cold water bottles and a note.  Nicest Rejection ever haha. 

Someone decided to cook steaks on their porch and forgot about them.  #FreeFood?

When it gets hot, pull out some Christmas tunes.  #KuyothJams

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