April 11, 2016

Relief Society from Europe

This week was another great week! There was a lot of random, I guess just some things that people usually dont hear about, that happened so, list time:

1. We met a guy who served his mission in Elder Arguelles home town and is from Mesa, Arizona.
2. We went bowling last P-day (I won both games #onlinePEpaysoff) 
3. We helped a Persian lady apply for jobs
4. We found a crock-pot in our apartment
5. While contacting a referral, the curtains mysteriously closed by them selves from inside, no answer
6. We got free food from the Potter fam
7. We scared some Chinese people on accident, that actually happens every week haha
8. We visited our good friend Susan in the hospital after her surgery 
9. We gave FarsiA some ham #service
10. We played an organ at the USC Institute 
11. There are a TON of Persian refugees investigating the gospel in Germany
12. We met a homeless man who told us we were attractive
13. It rained for a couple days
14. I caved and bought a 52oz Dr Pepper at a gas station
15. We teleported 3000 miles in less than an hour to give a priesthood blessing
16. We went to McDonalds to play the Monopoly, I got nothing while Elder Demond won 3 of 6...
17. We taught English class and all European/Persian women showed up #reliefsociety
18. We tie-swapped with a guy from D.A.R.E.
19. We got free Persian food from a recent convert
20. We had an awesome lesson with Fatima #teachingfromthescriptures
21. We went to Farsi class and learned how to say cute phrases
22. We rode bikes :O
23. We met three new people who are all new investigators in an afternoon!
24. We were able to go to the Visitor Center with Maryam and Taranom to watch a Recent Convert Testimony night! 
25. We took naps during lunch time haha

We learned some cool Persian proverbs and sayings, thought I should share some. 

اگر فرياد بزنى به صدايت گوش مى دهند، اگر آرام بگويى به حرفت گوش مى دهند.
(If you yell, they listen to your voice. If you speak softly, they listen to your words.)

در خانه اى كه آدم ها يكديگر را دوست ندارند، بچه ها نمى توانند بزرگ شوند؛ شايد قد بكشند، اما بال و پر نخواهند گرفت.
(In a home where people don't love each other, children cant grow. They may get taller, but they wont get wings and feathers.)

Thought for the week: Its ok to struggle! Thats what Jesus is for! He is here, there and with you to help you, not to stand on the side and say "ok, really? Come on!" 
"Ye should be perfect, even as I, or your Father who is in heaven is perfect." 3N12:48
"Well, its discouraging! I can't be perfect!" 
Christ would only ask us to do something, if He knew we had the potential to do it. We have the potential to become perfect, even as our Father in Heaven. Its not all gonna come at once, and we sure cant do it alone. There is that standard there to help us see that we CAN! We have the potential, each one of us, is a child of God and He will help us! We loves us so much to give us vital tools like prayer, families, friends, the Book of Mormon, the sacrament, he Holy Ghost and even His own Son. Dont ever give up. You dont necessarily have to be happy to have faith. You dont have to be happy to have joy and peace. Even though every week has a Monday morning, there is a Sunday. :)  

Our super awkward Zone :P
Our super awkward zone.  April 2016

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