April 18, 2016

I am no longer the tallest

Well, transfers came, and everyone is staying in the Farsi program! Alas, Elder Wiedrich is coming to FarsiB with me! Alas, I am not the tallest in my companionship.. :) But I am excited! 
Elder Weidrich on the left.

To be honest, not a super eventful week.. :) But, some cool things: I have been in Farsi for about 6 months now (already? Gosh, time flies), and I feel like Im doing well! I started seriously reading the Book of Mormon in Farsi in March, and Im now in 1N17. Doesnt seem like a lot but.. hey I can understand most everything! Elder Arguelles and I taught Gospel Principles in Farsi on Sunday about the scriptures and how we can learn from them, it went pretty well! To say the least, us Americans can impress Persians by a mere "Salam" and basically melt before us when we bow (very culturally appropriate). Also, a Persian told me that I had the best Persian boy language they have ever seen in a white person. Now, I dont know how many white people take on Persian culture, but it was cool. haha

I went on splits with Elder Jung this week in KoreaLand! We visited their Recent Converts, two teenage boys, who are super cool! Their mom made us Japanese Sushi Rolls and then later I was gifted with a container of chocolate balls! Hey, Im not arguing with that culture haha. Also, I may or may not be more than twice the height of some Koreans.. haha :) 

Today, we went to Korean BBQ, my favorite. Farsi & Korean Elders. #FarKor

E Arguelles, E Ekberg, Sister Mead, Maryam

Also, this is Maryam (in the picture with Elder Arguelles, Sister Mead and myself). She is our cool Chemical Engineer Post-Doc friend! It has been super cool to see how the Gospel has changed her outlook not only now, but how she thinks back on things that have already happened. I think its important to always remember that everything we go through, is preparatory for what the Lord has in store for us. :) We were able to have a lesson at our Mission Presidents home with her this week (they live down the street) and that was cool! #Teachsimply #Fundamentals

I learned how to write "Runny Nose" in Chinese. :P

Thoughts for the week: 
There is an AWESOME article about prayer on the church's website, go read it! My favorite from the article is the fact that we should pray to be changed by your circumstances not for your circumstances to be changed. 

Also, as a missionary, even as a human in general, we basically live in different patterns or cycles. We do things daily, weekly, hourly, yearly, all in cycles. What are you learning from them? Maybe there is a reason why we do the same things over and over and over again. If we go through the same things, can we learn something new everytime we repeat? A member of our ward shared this analogy. If you are very close to a painting, you can see the individual brushstrokes. One by itself is not very beautiful, not very complex or meaningful. However when you step back from the painting, hundreds or thousands of seemingly insignificant brushstrokes make up a beautiful painting. I know that sometimes the things we do seem small, maybe even not worth it. But over time, with a "step-back" view of those small efforts, we can see the significance of our small efforts. Keep trying! :) 

I love you all! I hope you have an awesome week! 

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