February 22, 2016


Another Farsi-land adventure week. Still here in Tehrangeles.

As an update, Shadab was sick this past week so we weren't able to meet with her, but we will this week for sure. :) 

We met this older Persian guy, very cool actually, Heavenly Father put us in his path for sure. We caught him coming out of his house in the only 5 minutes he was home for that day! We gave him a BoM and committed him to read the intro. Came back the next day, he had read and we had an awesome discussion about the BoM and living day prophets! He has a hard rime believing that God is so good and he said he has had trouble with faith and then we show up to help him! Excited to see him tomorrow! 

We also were able to take our friend Farid to the VC last night to watch Jenna Kim Jones, from Meet the Mormons how living in NYC as a stand-up comedian and standing up for her beliefs and standards strengthened her and her testimony. It was awesome and Farid really enjoyed it. Turns out Farid is a bass player and dabbles with recording music and stuff! Basically what I do! Gahh! We are the same person!

This week we also fancied Korean BBQ, a mission favorite. Here are some pictures. 

My district is the Farsi. We share a district meeting with the Korean. Everyone is pumped, we are going to see some miracles in the next few months for sure, we are excited to see where our programs will go. We feel like this transfer was the primer for an early summer of baptisms! 

Hamed, our good friend is doing awesome! even though baptism will have to wait for a little, we are teaching him the lessons. He is so eager to learn and to read, everything. Really I love Hamed to death and am so happy to be able to help someone realize the joy and happiness of the gospel with someone like Hamed.
English Class

Love you all! Not sure what else to say! Things are awesome! I love the mission! :) Remember, if you have a bad week, turn out and go make someone elses week! Whatever yiu are going through, someone else has it harder. If theres no light in your life, be the light in someones elses life! :) I love you all! Have an awesome week! Ponderizing?
ارشد اِكبرگ


Leaf anyone?

Mini Dan and Dan

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