February 1, 2016

I Forget...What Day is it?

So, as a missionary, time melds together and days seem long but short and weeks fly by and months seem long but then again it's already February, basically, I lose track of time and what cool things happen from week to week! So.. 

Koreans...Gangnam style or something...

Last week, we had the Worldwide Mission Conference! What a cool experience, a broadcast to 75,000 missionaries worldwide. They emphasized teaching repentance and baptizing converts. One of the big take aways from it, for me anyway was to not shy away from the true nature of our calling. We are different. But when we are different, we turn people off, at least that's the case in the 3 seconds you get to stop someone on the street in Santa Monica. We have been set apart to change peoples lives, not just offer them a cute story about a teenager in a forest. So be bold!

Also, there are Persians getting baptized! Only, they live in Germany! Sis Mead has been co-teaching some Persian refugees in Germany via skype. Apparently the Elders take a two hour train ride to a McDonalds and the Persians walk for 2 hours to met up a couple times a week. And 2 of them got baptized about 2 weeks ago, and I believe some more are this week! Super cool! 

As far as here in LA, work is a bit slower. We ha a cool experience yesterday, we were heading out of the apartment after lunch and didn't have many pass along cards, which is what we give people if they are in a hurry, so we typically hand out a lot haha. So we said "well, looks like we are just going to have to get people's phone numbers today." We went out, 10 minutes later we ran into this Persian guy, Mohammad. We invited him to visit our visitors center, he asked when it was open, "ohh its open everyday!" "so, right now?" "yeah!" "alright, lets go!" WHAT?!?! We walked to the visitors center, talked all about the church, what we do as missionaries, and basically everything I could think of in Farsi. It surprised me actually. We got to the VC, luckily Sis Mead was there as well, and we had a great lesson with him! He was very interested and wants to learn more! He is a visitor and is going back to Iran this week, but he told us he is coming back and wants to meet when he returns. We left him with a Book of Mormon and he was super excited to get reading! Very cool! 

We also had the opportunity to teach Gospel Principles in church, which is in Farsi. That was a great experience for all of us and Elder Arguelles and I learned a lot. Our investigator, Fara was there and she LOVED the story of Nephi and the plates. She told us if she had known these cool stories were in the BoM sooner, she would have been reading! It was cool to be able to read the story with her and be able to apply Nephi's attitude and faith to her life. Hopefully we can meet with her during the week to read more! 

I love the mission! Its awesome! :) Thanks for all your love an support! Have an awesome week! 

P.S. Elder Arguelles cooks good food. :)

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