September 7, 2015

Japanese Pens

Happy Labor Day! This week has been filled with the usual Compton/Lawndale fire.
Sunset at church

So, two of the Hermanas in our ward, Hermana Otte and Duncan, have been teaching this guy, Oscar, for about 2 months. He was kind of hit and miss and then he told them he was going to be out of town for work for 3 weeks. SO, he got back this past week, and called the Hermanas up and asked to be baptized!! WHAT?! Anyway, so they taught him the rest of what he needed to be taught, and Elder Guerrero interviewed him on Tuesday. PASS. Then Oscar came out with us to teach some lessons because he was on fire! We went over to one of our investigators house, and were a little disappointed that she didn't have time to talk to us. BUT, we started to talking to one of her sons, Ivan, and before you know it, he was telling us EVERYTHING that was wrong and he didn't know where to turn. So, we sat down and started talking more and more, showed him the video about finding the light of Christ, and then OSCAR bore his testimony. It was something along the lines of: "Man! Two weeks ago, I thought this crap was weird and not for me. I mean, being a Mormon?! A baptized Mormon? That's crazy! But man, it feels good. I feel wonderful and I don't exactly know why, but it does! I love going to church, hanging out with these guys (us, the Elders) because it feels good. I promise you that if you go to church once, you will feel it too." It was pretty crazy. Turns out that night, Ivan, watched the Light of Christ video 5 times and read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet. Craziness. 

I had the opportunity to go on splits with one of my Zone Leaders, Elder Snyder. Love that guy. I learned so much from him and how to just love people. We went and did service, offered to help change a tire, and shared the Restored Gospel with others. Gahh. The mission, I love it. Also, Elder Snyder converted me to using Japanese Pens, they are so cool. I can't really explain it. 

No update on our Tongan Gang leader... it takes time to talk with Bishops, other Elders and such. 

Oscar's Baptism! It was super cool, he was so excited to get baptized! We got permission to also confirm him the same day because he is going on another 3 week work trip. So, Elder Guerrero got to baptize, and I got to confirm him! That was an awesome experience, and I surprised myself with my Spanish. Not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous, performing my first ordinance in Spanish, but the Spirit has a way of telling you that all is well. I love the Spirit. I will try to send pictures later. 

Anyway! I hope all is well out there in Babylon. Just remember that even when we are surrounded in what seems like endless darkness, we can establish Zion in our own lives. Be a light to others. Do the small things, they really do matter. Do them with full purpose of heart. It really does work, I promise. I love you all! :)

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