September 21, 2015


Guadalupe came to church! FINALLY! We have been teaching her for about a month, and honestly the only thing holding her back has been coming to church, and she finally came! After we walked in the hot LA sun to church with her.. BUT she came!! WOOO! And so did Hermano Chiguichon, who hasn't come to church in awhile because of his foot, and another less active! It was a great day. :) 

Braulio. Bobby. Bobby also came to church, and he is a stellar guy. AND he is ready for baptism! We have an interview scheduled for him this week, so next week we expect to have our first baptism! WOO! We made a trip to the Visitors Center with him and had a killer lesson. Love this man. Love the mission. 

This week also full of small miracles. We met a lot of awesome people, set a few baptismal dates, and made some real progress on our investigators. 

I've been thinking a lot this week about what I should work on to become better. There are always things we can work on to improve ourselves, but what should I start with? In all reality, everything that we are doing to become better, to follow the example of Jesus Christ is a great step. And what I've decided to do for the next little while is to really get to know my Savior. I know I can't know everything there is to know about Him, and that I will never be exactly like Him, but getting to know Him, and striving to be like Him, is what I need to work on right now. Its all in the little things. Pray, read, attend church. As we do the little things, they become easier, and we will want to strive to do more and be better.

 Are you reading the Book of Mormon? 

Spanish? Its coming. As everything is, with time. 

I love you all! Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Thank you for everything!

Shirts they got from a street vendor. 

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