September 14, 2015

1st Transfer Comes to a Close

This week was HOT. Had some hard days, but had some great progress here in the area. Hermosa Liahona, the Spanish Ward here in Torrance has about 120ish active members, and they are absolutely wonderful. However, a good portion of our work is working with members and less-actives. Our ward is strong, but there is always room for improvement, and to help our friends come to church. 

We found a family of 5 this week, Dad, Mom and 3 kids (1 can be baptized) and they are absolutely awesome. We met with them twice, one was just to see if they were interested, we call it the "How to Begin Teaching" Lesson, out of PMG (HBT). We showed them the "Because He Lives" video.  I love that video, go watch it!  And then we set a return appointment with them and we taught them the Restoration, and they accepted to be baptized!! Woo! :) It was awesome. We really think this family is awesome and can go a long ways :) What a tender mercy. 

We also set a date with our bud Francisco.  He is going through a lot, but he knows he needs God in his life. He even beat us to church on Sunday

About half the week was miss after miss. It seemed like no one was home, and no one really was interested. It was hard. But those days, Elder Guerrero and I learned a lot about what we can be doing better. There are always things you can do better, but what's important is that you are a better person tomorrow than you were today. 

Sunday, (last night) we decided to hit up Compton, go through our former investigators in the area book. We stopped by Ernest's house. He is a 19 year old ganger who joined "The 6". The missionaries had stopped by almost 3 years ago and helped him make some good steps in his life, but after losing contact.. a lot happened. We talked with him, showed him some videos and man was the Spirit strong. He wants to change. He wants God in his life, but he feels like he has gone too far and he can never come back. That is never true. We left him knowing how to pray, reading homework, and a return appointment this week. What an awesome guy and what a cool conversion story he'll have in the future. 

Transfers: I have been assigned to serve in the LA 3rd Ward (Korean Ward). Just kidding, Elder Guerrero and I are staying here in Lawndale/Compton for at least one more transfer. Let's go!!  I'm excited for this next transfer, we have so much potential!!  Let's get to work! 

As of now I started Mosiah in the BOM. Where are you at? I love the Book of Mormon and how simple it is. It not only is an account of the people and what they did, but it's how they did it. It's a "HOW TO LIFE" Book. Read, apply, repeat. Its amazing and you can learn something new everyday. It is true. Read it. 

I love the mission! It's crazy how fast this transfer has gone by, and I only know that each one will get faster and faster. 3 months down already, 21 to go. 

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