January 30, 2017

Rain = Clear Skies = Sick Pics

Good little week we had! All is well, we still have all our fingers and toes! 

Missionaries watched the World Wide Missionary Broadcast. Elder Oaks, Bednar and Anderson and others had a little council about missionary work and gave us some tips. Now time to apply. :) Applying the things you learn is where you make all the money, where all the magic happens. 

This week was definitely slower as far as the teaching pool goes. It seemed like everyone we have been teaching was either sick or not home at all this week. However! We have found some new people and we are excited to reach out and start teaching them. 

They decided to "give" us some of Beverly Hills/Bel Air to help the sisters out, and to allow us to teach everyone we find (not just serve as referral generators) which has been cool. Weve been trying to visit potentials and members we dont know and its been paying off in the little time weve had the "new" area. We found this cool less-active lady who has 3 kids and is married to a non member and she was all for having us come back for dinner :) Sick! 
Beach Pano

We also were asked to help out with the "Missionary Music Night" here in LA. That was a neat opportunity to play different hymns and arrangements. I miss the bass though.. :) 

Interesting thought: Christ took upon him the sins of all of us. As He atoned for us, he stood as the proxy and suffered for all of our mistakes, sins and shortcomings. Thus, He stands as a Mediator between us and God, and will grant us mercy as we come to know and follow Him. One of the many things we promise to do when we follow Christ is to serve others, to love them as He would love them. Isnt it interesting to think that others are placed in our lives, to stand as proxies for Christ as if He were here? 

(Matthew 25:40 "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.") Serve others, love God. Love others, serve God. Life. :) 

Mission rocks. Its the best and I love being a missionary. :) Have a great week! 

Also, the first and only time the CLAM will take a pic together! 
CLAM 2017

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