January 16, 2017

Culture Time


Here are some things that have happened!

  1. Elder Wiedrich had a birthday! 
  2. Ate at the Ward Mission Leaders house 4 times in 5 days.
  3. Had breakfast at the W Hotel.
  4. Had Chinese/Mongolian food with Persians.
  5. Helped translate Priesthood interviews for Persians in Sweden.
  6. Taught English to Persians, Africans and Chinese friends.
  7. Had interviews with Mission President.
  8. Went on exchanges with the Korean elders.
  9. Played Peace-maker between some Persians.
  10. Taught an awesome Afghani Persian the Plan of Salvation.
  11. Ate Hawaiian raw fish with Koreans. 
  12. Met a cool UCLA Researcher who wants to learn more about who God is.
  13. Started teaching our Persian Recent Convert.
  14. Went finding in Beverly Hills.
  15. Visited some rug shops in Downtown LA and talked to Persians.
  16. Spoke Spanish to someone from Africa who speaks Portuguese.
  17. Had 4 people come to church!
  18. Ate cookies with a Jewish lady. 
  19. Met a baptist lady who was standing at a bus stop. She turned and said, "You know, I know ya'll are Jesus people because I could feel it when ya'll walked up. You know what, the spirit just told me, "People gotta get off Facebook and start looking for Gods face in His book!" " And then stepped on the bus and left. 
  20. Had a great week! (2 weeks) 
Have a great week! ✌🏼

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