January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! Hopefully looking back on 2016 brings good feelings, if not, you got this year! :) 
Saeed (second from left), Yousef (front standing), Karo (back between Elder Weidrich and Elder Ekberg pictures)

This week was good! Big news is Saeed, Yousef and Karo were baptized! They are 3 guys we have been teaching via skype for the past little bit and they passed their interviews earlier this week and on Friday were able to be baptized! Cool opportunity to be able to reach people outside of LA.

As far as the work here in LA, it goes! We started the year off strong with 4 investigators at church. We had our long-time good friend Maryam come as always, Mahyar, Erfan, the son of a member who recently got married and Victoria, our friend from English Class! 

New Years Eve was super exciting for us, we had to be in by 6, and after planning for the week, E Wiedrich and I played guitar until we dropped. 

I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve, especially around the holiday season. 2016 was great, this will be better. The Lord loves you. :) Have a great week! 

Also, if you're feeling into the Christmas spirit, check this out. Recognize anyone? 

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