December 5, 2016


Another week! Man its been awesome serving up here around the Persians again. The ward is great, its the Christmas season, Persians are awesome and the work is moving along. 

Went on exchanges with the Korean elders this past week and we hit up our good ol friend Korean BBQ again. So good. Man, its been along time. More importantly, we were able to teach a recent convert about the importance of putting God first and it was so cool to hear her testimony of trying to follow Christ and balance life around. :) 

Zone Conference happened. President Haynie focused a lot about having joy both as we work as missionaries and simply as Children of God. First step, simply choose to serve God, the rest will come. Its that first step that sometimes is hard, but its so worth it. 

We were asked to be the entertainment/background music for a relief society brunch this past week and we came up with a pretty cookin rendo of Silent Night :)

We also had fun learning parts of the body in Farsi this week. Enjoy a favorite primary song :) 

Cool experience: we were walking from the VC going to Santa Monica Blvd to contact and a thought popped into our minds, "Go visit Amir, he lives right there." So we turned and went to visit this potential who has never answered his door in the past and it was early in the day, probably wouldn't be home. We walk up the stairs and the door swings open by itself. We peek in, knock and then are greeted by Amir and his wife Honey. They allowed us to come in and we met with them for about an hour and a half! We talked all about their journeys around the world and how they ended up here in California and it naturally flowed into church and the Restoration. We talked about the Visitors Center and the holidays and mentioned there was a musical event that evening and asked if they would join us and they replied, of course! They are awesome and we are so excited to continue to work with them! :))))
Amir and Honey

We also had an awesome week with our investigator Mahyar. He has been meeting with us for awhile now and he has grown so fond of the gospel and learning. He expressed his interest to follow Christ and we are excited for him. Although he cant necessarily progress towards baptism at the moment, we are ecstatic to help him strengthen his faith and live gospel principles. :) 

Our recent convert Mehrnoosh is back from the motherland and got right back into the swing of things with the relief society brunch and being active with fellowshipping at church. She is the best. :) 

Overall, amazing week, Im excited to be a missionary! Wooo! God lives and loves you! 

I came across this from Brigham Young this week.
"...if, when the time for prayer comes, you have not the spirit of prayer upon you, and your knees are unwilling to bow, say to them, “Knees, get down there”; make them bend, and remain there until you obtain the Spirit of the Lord. If the spirit yields to the body, it becomes corrupt; but if the body yields to the spirit it becomes pure and holy."

Many times its hard to do the simple things, especially when you feel like God isn't listening or we aren't receiving any apparent blessings. Continue in the right path, don't lose hope. :) Power through to the end, strong finish, it will all be worth it in the end. :) 

Have a great week! 

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