November 28, 2016

- شكر گذارى مبارك -‎

Happy Thanksgiving Week! 
Sister Missionaries found English class

We were taking care of here in Santa Monica. We attend the Westwood 1st ward with our little Persian group, which is an English ward, so we got to eat a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with some of our favorite members in the ward :) Plenty of leftovers too, both from members and the Visitor Center sisters. 
Thanksgiving dinner

This week was awesome! We had a great lesson with a guy named Abraham who was born in Sudan here at the Visitor Center. It was an amazing lesson filled with the Spirit. We asked him how he felt after we listened to a clip of Jesus Christ speaking and Abraham had trouble finding words to describe how he felt. We continued talking about Gods love for us and how we have a living day prophet and he was so ready to accept everything we had to share. We ended with Abraham offering a prayer that was simple but so personal, its as if he was just talking with God right there in the room, it was awesome. :)
Persian time at the Visitors Center

Skype calls are continuing to go well. One of the previous Farsi Elders had a friend serving in Sweden and apparently there is a decent population of Persians where he was serving so we started teaching them via Skype and now the whole zone over there in Stockholm is requesting lessons with "American Farsi Elders" haha. Outside Iran, Los Angeles, Toronto, Sweden and Frankfurt Germany are hotspots for Persians to hang out.

For things here in LA, we are teaching a couple tourists who are here on vacation or here to better their English. Its been really exciting to see how accepting they are and to see them diligently read and study. We had a lesson with our friend Mahyar the other day and he just got emotional talking about how after we shared with him about Joseph Smith, he was thinking and it just hit him that God loves his children so much. Super cool. :) 

God loves you! Hope you all have a great week! 
Cheesy Thanksgiving selfie

Classic Cali sunset

When it rains you can actually see things #nosmog

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