June 7, 2016


Well its been a week! This week flew by, lots of change but we are having a grand ol time. New area is in Downey, hottest part of the mission. Just in time for summer... Yes. :) Everyone asks me if I'm used to the heat since I'm from Arizona.. Nope haha. It's not the Arizona 115s but I got so used to the breeze up in Santa Monica and now I'm 20 miles from the beach and its HOT. #Ohwell

Comp is E Kuyoth. He's from Bountiful Utah and he is almost done here on the mish, starts school in August. So he will leave me to spend the rest of summer in Downey haha. We get along really well. He kinda reminds me of my cousin Todd, and looks like him too #halfasians 

Downey 3rd ward. I swear, the average age in the ward is 70 but you gotta love them. Everyone is super awesome, there is a great Ward Mission Leader and Bishop and make everything run so smooth. Also, we get fed almost everyday, good food too. #WeightGain 

The area reminds me a lot of some parts of Mesa Arizona. Very suburb-y. Some people say its Hispanic Beverly Hills over here, there are some BIG houses. Fun facts: They are building a Raising Canes in the area! (Hopefully its done by the time I bounce). Dasani Water is pumped from here so our tap water is basically Dasani water. Oldest running McDonalds is in our area. I really like the area haha.

Whats been cool is there have been a couple baptisms in the past couple months here so we get to work with recent converts! We also have a couple dates lined up and we are working hard with em. Its been cool to teach in English, although its a bit strange. Adjusting but its good. Havent seen any Persians but Im on the look out. I hope I get to go back, I wanna keep my Farsi up. But its all good.

This week is gonna be jammed pack full of stuff and Im excited. Its been a really good, really fast week. I hope everyone is doing well! Let me know if I can do anything :) Love you!

ارشد اِكبرگ
Elder Ekberg

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