June 14, 2016

Breaking the Rules

So this morning we get a call at 4:50 from our vehicle coordinator. E Kuyoth looks at the phone and says, "Yeah, its too early, not a chance. If its important, he will call again." He calls us a second time. "Good morning Elders! This past week a mission car was stolen and the cops just found it and I need someone to go get it from them, can you help me out?" So we get dressed in our jeans and tags and drive down to the middle of the ghetto and find this stolen car. We sign some papers, cop gives us the keys and we pull it off to the side of the road. Then the cop tells us we should probably get out of the neighborhood and park it in a safer location. We call our vehicle coordinator and he tells us just to drive to the nearest McDonalds and wait for him to get there. So E Kuyoth and I drove solo for about 10min this morning. Mission Rule: Be with your companion 24/7 practically no exceptions. Also, this car was TRASHED and reeked of marijuana and TIWI, the automated driving aid was ripped out of the car. So, windows rolled down, companion in a different car, we drove to a McDonalds where we met up with our vehicle coordinator and passed the car on. What an eventful morning :)
#whereisyourcomp?  #whytwocars?

Besides that, we had a TON of meetings. The APs called us Monday and asked us to give a quick demonstration Tuesday morning at the Mission Leadership Council. 10 min before the demo they switch it and ask us to do a full blown training. It went well but man.. #wherewasthepreparation

Wednesday was temple day! Only took us an hour and a half to drive to Santa Monica this time! Quite the change from the 5 minute walk in Farsi. But none the less, temple was awesome. :)

Elders of the HP2 Zone

Thursday, went on splits with the Assistants, I went with Elder Dayley, who was an ASL missionary! Twas cool to talk about our respective programs and how it differs in missionary work. Things may be very different, but the gospel is still the same! 

Friday, Zone Training Meeting. Saturday, ward had a baptism and we were asked to share a thought.

Sunday, we had stake reports with President and the Stake Presidency. #stressful We are supposed to report on our zone's investigators and recent converts and their progress each month and of course you want it to be accurate, organized and make President happy. Luckily, we did :) and to reward us, we got asked to give a training this next Saturday at Zone Conference.. :) #theblessings? #dutycalls?
When your favorite Indian family isn't home...

Crazy week. Language study is a thing of the past. I am getting my Spanish back though! We met a guy from Armenia yesterday, bordering Iran so thats as close as Ill get :) 

This week has also been a rollercoaster for our area. We started the week off with a lesson with a girl Ashley, who asked if she could bring her friend, Ashley to the lesson. So we taught Ashley and Ashley and invited the, to be baptized. Fast forward, the one dropped us on Saturday. We got yelled at, cursed at, some guy told us that we cant solicit to minors? Also, if you commit to come to church, and the missionaries love you enough to knock on your door Sunday morning because you dont answer your phone :) #weloveyou then you shouldnt get mad at us :)


Awesome week! Hope all is going well! #schoolsout Love you!

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