January 12, 2016

Read the Internet

Salam! Another week goes by in Farsiland! 

We had exchanges early in the week and I spent the day with Elder Ham, one of our Korean elders! Since I've been on the mission, I've been introduced to so many different people, languages, cultures, opinions and I love it. Honestly, probably one of my favorite parts of the mission, I feel blessed. I've come to appreciate the beauty in different cultures and languages and have begun to see how the Spirit, no matter the culture or language, can touch someones life. Its SO cool. Also, Im grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who has given us the gift of prayer and we can KNOW for ourselves the restored truths of the gospel. Elder Ham and I had a wonderful visit from a man who seemed to think that yelling at us out of his car on the street to "read the internet" was going to prove that what we believe is false. I invite anyone who is wondering about the truthfulness of this gospel, to simply ask God yourself. 

We had zone conference! My first "official" one! I was sick my first one, then we had our general authority visit from Elder Clark, and then Christmas, so my first normal one! Emphasis on teaching simply and setting goals and a little surprise. On Jan 20th, Elder Oaks and the missionary department of the church are broadcasting a church wide mission conference. BOOM, insane, <insert cheering>. It'll be sweet, I'm super excited! 

Then, Elder Sugden and I both got sick. El Nino is on its way, Elder Sugden bought a huge oil-skin trenchcoat (it gives him special powers to convert) and I dropped my Farsi notebook in the water, of course. So a little stuffed up this week in the face, BUT we had an awesome week! We were able to go to a little Baha'i prayer meeting and last week we went with a Jewish friend to the synagogue! Now we just have to go to mass and a mosque bahbah. 

Also, Persians like to play backgammon, so naturally we acquired a board and have become pros. 

We hadn't seen our friend Hamed in a while so we went to the VC this week with him and watch the Testaments with him. At the end, where Christ ministers to the Nephites, Hamed goes "woah, my skin feels all weird, what is this?!" It was super cool and were able to help Hamed understand more about how the Spirit works. 

The work goes on! I love the mission! It has its challenges, unexpected ones like having people who want to be baptized but can not out of their own safety is hard, but I know that we have a living prophet who is the mouthpiece of Christ himself, who leads and guides this church. I love the conference talk from Elder Keetch, about the sharks and the barrier. Although we may not see or understand at the moment, the Lord always does what is best for us. Yes, there may be times in our lives when it tests our faith, patience, charity, understanding, but it always works out in the end. 

I love you! Thanks for everything! :) 

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