January 18, 2016

Big Time Changes in Farsi-land

Things were pretty normal here in the Middle West this week. We had our share of contacting, and another share, and one last midnight snack of contacting to top it off. School started at UCLA so there are more people, back from the holidays, so that's been good. We seem to run into really prepared Chinese people, so we should be Chinese Elders, we practically feed their teaching pool. But we do also find lots of Persians who think our Farsi is super cool, but church is another story. 

It's been a good week! We taught some new people, one of which tried to convert us to Islam, as she knows better because she is older than us and another man who smelled like a bass out of the shop (very smoky, old BBQ kinda smell). We are still trying to meet with people. It's a tricky one because the Persians we need to be finding and teaching, are the ones who work all the time because they need to live long enough for us to find them.. haha Onward and upward! 

Probably the biggest news of the week is transfers! Surprise! I'm going Korean! Just kidding, they have given me a little longer to try and prove myself in Farsi and President has made me Senior companion and training a new Farsi Elder! WHAT?! It's been me, Elder Wiedrich, and now Elder Arguelles back to back to back, and I'm supposed to teach this guy Farsi with less than 3 months of it..? Hmm.. It'll be a fun ride for the next little while I think. 
Elders Wiedrich, Ekberg, McCracken, Sugden

As far as Elder Sugden goes, we all assumed it was time for him to leave for a little (all Farsi Elders get taken out of the program for 1 or 2 transfers) and so he will be going down to Redondo Beach in Torrance, near where I was. AND, Elder McCracken is also leaving!! WHAT?! Elder Demond, the Farsi Elder older than Elder Sugden is coming back with Elder Wiedrich. Two out and two in. It's crazy and everyone is still in shock. I have no idea how this is going to work, but I am going to be out of the comfort zone for a good long while I think. Doesn't the Lord prepare those with at least one more transfer of Farsi? :) It'll be good! A new adventure, I'm excited but kind of peeing my pants as well.

In Elders Quorum we were talking about finding peace through the gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the elders initiated the relation between stress and peace. He had heard a quote something like "stress is the result of us not meeting the expectation". What is our expectation for ourselves? Does it match God's expectation for us? But I can't be perfect, so I should be stressed all the time, right? I think there is real clarity and understanding in the eternal perspective. We find peace in the fact that we can try again, we are progressing, it is a journey. We can be flexible yet strong and immovable. We can allow the Lord to shape and mold us and still have a firm testimony when hard times come our way. I have found peace here on the mission serving God's children and I know that by simply living the gospel, we can all find that peace. Start by doing the small things. 

How are those New Year Goals? What about ponderizing? haha :) 

Have an awesome week! I love you all! 

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