December 21, 2015

کریسمس مبارک (!Merry Christmas)

Hello all,

T'was another great week! Its getting cold and windy, but no snow, but I'm used to not getting a white Christmas. Another week full of contacting, walking up and down Westwood talking to all kinds of people and sharing our message about Jesus Christ. It really is amazing. The gospel is simple, yet it applies to everyone perfectly and those who are willing to stop and listen and answer a few simple questions really do see that we aren't here to take away their faith, only build upon it. "The Gospel is sick" - Missionary

This week we got the Area Book Planner on our iPads. It is supposed to make everything super organized and effective but it definitely takes some time getting used to. It is cool though and the mission is excited to start using it! :) I attached a pic of our rough weekly plan this week. It's a rough draft, we are only transitioning into it but it's an idea. :) 

Another solid week! We were able to meet with a couple of new people and we are excited to see what's in store for them! Cool experience. We were up by UCLA campus and talking to an older lady, then all of a sudden this car pulls up, this guy comes out and over to us "Hey, are you guys the Mormons?" "yeah!" "I don't have much time but can you guys take my name and number, I want to learn more about your church.." WHAT? :) Super cool. 

Church was awesome, we had 3 people at church this week and 2 more down in San Diego! About every month, the Persians from SoCal get together in SD and have a church service of their own. So almost all our Persian members go down there and this week they took two of our investigators! It was super cool and we are excited to hear how it went with them! 

We also had our Christmas Devotional as a mission. I know I bagged on choirs before the mission, but really Christmas hymns and choirs are one of my favorite things. If only I could sing better. Im grateful we had a great devotional, where we still had effective training to help us become better, yet focused on having a "mission-Christmas" experience. There is such a special spirit around the Holiday season and I am SO grateful to not only be remembering Christ, but to be representing Him this year. 

I love you all! I'm thankful for this opportunity to serve and be here sharing what I know to be true. Thank you! :)

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