December 14, 2015

Only in Farsi

Only in Farsi do we have more people come to church than lessons we taught during the week. It's awfully strange, in Spanish we taught some 30ish lessons and were lucky to have 1 or 2 people come to church. Ohh how the tables turn. We had 6 people at church! WHAT?! It was crazy, I've never been so stressed at church before. It is a lot of people to look after, especially if there is only 1.5 people in the companionship that speak Farsi! Gahh! But it was great! 

This week we got a TON of referrals, which is gold to us Farsi Elders. We were able to set up a few return appointments and are super excited to meet these people. We are being super blessed right now and couldn't be happier. We met a couple of older ladies the other week on Westwood and one of them told us that she would like to invite her friend to our church! We gave her our number to call us and didn't really think much of it but to our surprise Sunday morning she calls and says "I'm here! I brought my friend!" WHAT? So she was one our good friends at church this Sunday. Also one of the Persian members here, Sam (who we call baba or daddy..haha) invited his persian neighbor a couple weeks ago, she just showed up at church without him knowing! We were even able to go to the VC after church and have an awesome lesson with her. Seriously it seemed like this week, this weekend was on fire! I love the mission! 

Sunday night, Elder Sugden and I were able to help out some missionaries from the Long Beach mission. They brought their Persian investigator (and half of their ward) up to the VC for a tour. It was really cool and a different experience. Mehdi is super prepared and will be an awesome member of the church for sure and we are glad we could help him and the other Elders at the VC. 

Its starting to rain here.. and get really cold. It was tough getting out of bed this morning haha. We are prepping for El Niño.. which means lots of wind and rain.. brr. 

Its crazy how fast Christmas is coming up! I love being so close to the temple, I get to see the temple lights every day! We've had the opportunity to go to some of the musical events up here at the VC with investigators and its been such a huge blessing and a great way to feel of the Spirit of Christ this time of year! 

Also, I am no longer the youngest in the Farsi program! Which is weird, my time was super short. Elder Wiedrich is the new guy and he is awesome! He's like 6'5" and a skinny white Texas boy and he'll fit right in. It's an exciting time in the Farsi program for sure! 

Thank you for all your love and support! I'm thankful for the opportunity I have to be on the Lord's errand and serving here in the Farsi program! I love you all! 

P.S. I have gotten crafty. 

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