August 31, 2015

Drugs, Amputees, Firecrackers, and Big-Time Gangleaders

This week was fun. We had many experiences with all of the above and much much more. Lets just say that Compton has some interesting people

We had a new missionary orientation this week. The LA mission is an iPad mission, and all the old missionaries got them when they arrived, but my generation will get them 9 weeks in, so for me, the beginning of October. But, we also found out that Elder Guerrero and I will (most likely) be companions for my second transfer! Which is good, we get along really well and have fun together. 

On Friday, Elder Guerrero and I got sick, probably something that we ate on Thursday, because, I'm not too sure that everything we eat is always cooked 100%, BUT I'm grateful for the members who feed us! :) Anyway, so it was about 3pm and Elder Guerrero had to use the restroom, so we made our way over to McDonalds, and we met this Tongan guy. Tatted up, sweet beard with those little beads in it, ponytail, Tongan fire just everywhere. We started talking with him, and finally he stopped us and told us that he wanted us to teach him. He has been in and out of prison, was the top Tongan gang leader in LA for __+ years, EVERY Tongan knows him, and some other background info (that will not make the letter, but it sufficieth me to say that the man which we did talk with had street-cred of much magnitude). ANYWAY, he is a member! Well, born into the church, his cousin is the bishop, BUT, he got out of prison in January and wants to turn his life around. Missionaries have always stopped by his house, for 20+ years thanks to the bishop (cousin love), but he never wanted to talk with the missionaries. But, he told us that when we walked into McDonalds, something told him to talk with us. So he did, and he told us that he wants US to teach him because we have a really good "vibe" about us. So, we will see our new Tongan Mobster this week. :) 

We have a new investigator, Bobby, and he is doing amazing!! His baptism date is for September 26th, but he could be baptized in 2 weeks, we will have to see how this week goes! :)) We have two other strong investigators and again, this week is kind of the deciding week, so we will see. :) 

This week was SO hot.. BUT Spanish clicked! Well, I leveled up. Does Spanish have levels? I think it should. But I leveled up and I am way more confident in speaking the language. There are always good, better, and best days, but I'm definitely having better days more often. :) 

BoM - I finished 2N9 this morning, what a great chapter. Its amazing how many small nuggets of eternal truths that you can skip over if you aren't all in. :)  

This is my take on obedience out here in the field. Obedience, yes, we need to be exactly obedient. However, that doesn't mean be a robot, or be unhappy. Why should we obey? Because we love the Lord. We should be obedient, but not unwilling to change. Not change for the worse, or to be disobedient, but rather change how we do things. Be teachable, be willing to say, Yeah, maybe there is another way that yields the same, if not better results. Live, work, play, jump, limp through life in such a way that we can allow and permit the Spirit to be with us always. When we are obedient, we have heaven at our back, pushing and leading us the way we must go, we truly envelope what it means to be a representative of Jesus Christ. Always be worthy of the Spirit. Do the small things, even if YOU think they aren't important, they are there for a reason, because someone else knows better than we do. 

To be brief, I know God loves us. He has created a perfect plan for us to be happy. Why not enjoy all of the blessings that are promised to us now? Do the small things, they make the difference. Make today better than yesterday, and hope for a brighter tomorrow. I love you all! God Speed. 

Elder Ekberg

*Note from mom:  The "amputee" is Bobby, the investigator.  He only has one foot.  The "drugs and firecrackers" part of the title belongs to a lady that they met who was high and has been holding onto an unlit (waiting to be lit) firecracker since the Fourth of July!  

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