July 22, 2015

Week 4

Well... only a week and a half left in the Jesus prison. Just kidding, everyone says that but really I don't think its been bad at all! Love it here, love the people, and the work!
New Comedor

Everything is basically the same. Nothing really changes from day to day so nothing too exciting to share with y´all (Elder Barrett has rubbed off on me). The probably most exciting NEW thing is the new comedor! Seriously this thing is like 21st century classy cafeteria status, nothing else in the CCM comes close to being this nice...haha but seriously its pretty cool, but no makes our walk from our house to the comedor twice as long... gotta start eating more to make up those 20 extra calories we burn. 
Average lunch, with root beer from la tienda

District 11B left for Florida Tuesday morning and along went our Zone Leaders. So guess what, Pres Torres called me to be the new Zone Leader!! What?? Which means I handed the District Leader mantle to Elder Barrett and he is a rockstar with that, I think a leadership position will be great for him. But that's all that is new, OHH! I gave a talk in sacrament meeting this past Sunday. I talked about repentance and it was all in Spanish, I used scriptures and everything! That was a cool experience. I have also gotten to bless the sacrament in Spanish, but that was week...2? Who knows anymore...

Fun facts: 
  • I kid you not, I can dunk a basketball on a 10ft rim now. I am pretty excited haha.

  • I am pretty good at volleyball, or so everyone says, Elder Barrett and I play with some other Elders who played in highschool and they told me I totally should have played on the school team. 
Volleyball with the District

  • I can only take pictures on Pday. You can´t listen to music at the CCM so Elder Barrett and I have gotten pretty good at whistling and humming hymns and such, we are basically pros.
  • For the CCM choir we have sung the EFY Medley and Come Thou Fount, in Spanish. Super cool experience and I'm starting to LOVE how hymns sound in Spanish. I offered to play the choir piece for our last Tuesday devotional, but we will see if that actually happens, apparently you have to beg and keep nagging to be able to play...so idk.
Kickball with District 11C

Elder Barrett and I have become famous at the CCM, I kid you not. For whatever reason A LOT of the CCM presidency knows our names, and whenever we walk into the Devotional or a meal at the comedor we are greeted by basically everyone. I don't know why...probably because we are the big elders on campus now, haha. And Elder Barrett is probably the most ripped Elder here, seriously. My brother I know. Also, I am now getting requests to tell stories because apparently I tell good stories. :)

Thank you for all the letters! The PDF service works great and I am getting all of them the next day! As far as real letters go, if you send them today or later, I will not get them and I don't know if they will forward them to LA for me...SO if you are going to send real letters, send them to the LA mission home! You guys are the best! I love hearing what everyone is up to and doing, and its amazing that its already been a month haha.

Spiritual Corner with Elder Ekberg (please, fireplace and hot chocolate are completely optional):

  • I memorized D&C 4 in Spanish! That thing is long...haha 
  • TRC this week was amazing. Still can't understand everything, but this week Elder Barrett and I were able to have some really meaningful conversations and lessons with these people. 
  • Repentance: Do you want Late Regrets or Proactive Repentance? Which do you think will make you more happy?
  • MISSION MODE: pray, fast, study, work, experiences of a lifetime - Pres Torres 
  • Specific Prayers: If you have faith, we can ask the Lord for very specific things. We had a class where the CCM President shared lots of stories about this including: There was this girl who had two guys wanting to marry her, she didnt know who to go with. She knelt down and prayed: Heavenly Father, I dont know who to marry, so let it come to pass that the man I am supposed to marry call me at exactly 1:15am. It happened and she has been married for like 30 something years! Nuts! If you ever lose anything, have faith. 
  • ZION: Be one, in heart, mind, goal.
  • Elder Ekberg´s personal revelation of the week: Sometimes we pick and choose one thing to be better at, because we all need to improve. Setting priorities is great, goals are amazing, we NEED to get better at almost everything because we are not perfect. However, we can't forget things that seem less important at the time. Do not think rules, commandments, duties, chores, whatever it is, are not worth our time, we can ALWAYS improve and we need them. 
  • If you think you might fail, take one step. Christ is there to catch you and walk with you. 
  • Don't pass up opportunities to look for a perfect one. Don't wait for when it's convenient for you, do it. 

Yo sé que Jesucristo es mí Salvador y estoy aquí en el CCM trabajar y llegar a ser a mejor misionero y hijo de Dios. Yo amo mí familia y amigos. Gracias por todo amor y apoyo.
District 11C "The Perfect District" 

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