July 15, 2015

Week 3? or 4? Half way...

Zone 11

So here at the CCM I am on week 4 as far as classes go, and they start on Monday, but we got here on Wednesday, so it's really just been 3 weeks... I don't know, time is the weirdest here. As far as time goes, here is roughly my schedule:

6:30 am- 10:30 pm - BE A MISSIONARY
Classic Elder Ekberg

Just kidding but really: 

6:30 - Wake up, shower, get dressed
7:00 - Breakfast
7:30 - Personal Study (Scrips, PMG, etc)
8:30 - Language/Grammar
9:30 - Progressing Investigator 
10:30 - Fundamentals/PMG Study
11:30 - Additional Study
12:00 - Lunch
1:00 - Personal Language Study
2:00 - GYM
3:00 - Prep for classes
3:30 - TALL (Computer language class)
4:30 - Additional Study
5:00 - Daily Planning Session
5:30 - Dinner
6:15 - Prep for evening classes
6:30 - Language
7:30 - Progressing Investigator
8:30 - Companionship Study/Planning
9:30 - Home
10:30 - Night Night

​Sundays and Wednesday (Pday) are different and Tuesday nights we have a Devotional, but that is literally everyday. :)​ And I LOVE IT. 

Everyone here knows something about THE GILBERT ARIZONA. Hermana Bailey from 11A is going there, her companion Hermana Areno is cousins with Conrad Belshe. Hermana Sara Anderson and Hma Heather McKendrick are here and I see them quite often (Hma McKendrick is across the hall and I practiced teaching with Hma Anderson last week!!) I talked to some Elders who were Noah Millers roommates at BYU-H and know quite a few Gilbert kids, and there is a Hermana.. Hiatt? who is really good friends with the McBrides, Alex and Danny. Everyone says Gilbert is nicer than Utah...I agree. :) 

District 11C (LA missionaries on the left, Houston Texas East on the right
How am I doing? How am I REALLY doing? I'm great. Honestly. :) Some days are really hard, I get discouraged, frustrated, tired, or whatever but after a quick prayer and a step back to remember what I'm doing and its only been 3 weeks, I am back  in the groove loving every second. Here at the CCM it is literally a spiritual firehose and you can only take so much in at a time, but we have the same lessons about planning, stress, studying, etc. again and again and you learn something new every time we talk about it. So I'm great. Some mornings I am REALLY tired and its hard to stay awake during Personal Study, but as soon as our teachers walk in the door listing off Spanish, you HAVE to be awake. And I love them. :) In the morning we have two sisters, Hermana Gonzalez, and Hermana Alvarado, they are the best and so sweet. Even when I just stare back at them because I have NO IDEA what they said or asked me, somehow they keep smiling back until someone answers something...usually not even close. We have become really good friends with them, (All the teachers are returned missionaries and are only like 26-30ish) and we like to tease them about getting married. We may or may not be trying to set Hma Alvarado up with the teacher from 11B...:) ANYWAY! OHH and our night teacher is Hno Galicia, is RICARDO. and I talked about him last week. The best. :)

Please send letters! 

Back to how I am doing. I think I'm gaining weight.. which is good! I need to! :)
I LOVE getting letters from you! The PDF thing works great and is the best! Please send me more...? Please? :) Also, if you would like handwritten letters, I have some time every night to kill and I can write you some, but I need your address... :)
​Alright, this week I think I will go a little more spiritual because I have learned A TON. ​

President Packers Funeral Service - When the general authorities were recalling some of their memories of Pres Packer this is what was said:
-Don't call people before 5am, its not considerate...people are trying to sleep. 
-The only difference between being young and old is age
-For Pres Packer, it doesn't matter which side of the veil he was on, He will always be a master teacher. 

Anyone can invite, thats easy. When you HELP people, thats where the money is.
Joy isn't about your circumstances. It's about you knowing that Heavenly Father has a plan for you and He loves you. 
THIS is the dispensation that will NOT fail. Every other dispensation has, but this one will succeed. That has never happened, be a part of it. 
The second coming has already started, it started in a grove of trees in 1820. 
We are Gods investigators. Keep commitments, its ok to have a bad day, but tomorrow is a new one. 
Elder Barrett and Elder Ekberg post haircuts :)
The Lord is close to each and everyone of us, it depends on how close we allow ourselves to get to him. 
It doesn´t matter what you were before, it just matters what you are now. For me, BE A MISSIONARY.
You dont have to be perfect, be a MISSIONARY.
True conversion comes when you act because you NEED to. 
Do we have to do something? Should we do it? No, I NEED to do it. 
We need to understand why we do things, why we are obedient. Is it becuase we are scared not to, because it keeps us safe, or do we follow commandments and obey rules because we LOVE the Lord? Do we obey out of Love? You dont need someone telling you what to do, do it because you NEED to. If you love Christ, you NEED to do everything to be the son of God that God wants you to be. 

I will try to say a little something in Spanish, my grammar probably stinks but I will try! Love you all! :) 

Yo he llamdo servir a mision en el Los Angeles. Yo sé que Dios es nuestro Padre Celestial. Yo sé que le Iglesia es verdadera y el Libro de Mormón es la palabra de Dios. Yo sé que mediante Jesucristo y Su Expiación, puedo llegar a ser limpio y mejor misioneros y hijos de Dios. Aprediendo Español es muy dificil pero mediante Jesucristo lo es fácil. Estoy agradecido pro la oportunidad estar aquí. Estoy muy agradecido por mí maestros y amigos ayudar con todas cosas. Yo sé que Jesucristo vive y puede ayuda sí permite Él. Amo usted todo!

Living quarters

Living quarters

It's so  nice here!

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