November 26, 2015

Temple and Elder Clark

This week was super good! Still trying to find some Iranians to teach, but all is well! 

We had a recent convert, Mehdi, go to the temple and do baptisms in the temple this week! Gahh!! Such a tender mercy! And what's even cooler, is he is getting things lined up to have his wife and daughter come to the States from Iran, which is unheard of! There are so many tender mercies that lead to this happening and it's awesome!! It will not be long before Mehdi runs to the baptismal font with his wife and daughter, and a year later, sealed!! BOOM! So exciting! 

Elder Ross, Elder Ekberg, Elder Ham (Korean Elder on exchanges), Elder Sugden

Waiting to teach a lesson at the Visitor's Center

This week we had the neat opportunity to go to the LA Temple! It was super cool, very different from the Gilbert Temple but so, so amazing. I am literally so blessed to have the temple a 5 minute walking distance from where I will be living for the next 19 months. It was also a blessing to be able to go with such an amazing group of Elders and perform work for our brothers on the other side of the veil. 

We also had our general authority visit from Elder Kim B Clark of the Seventy! Hence, our P-day was changed from Monday to Tuesday. So yesterday (Monday), we spent 6 hours learning from Elder Clark! I learned so much, took a TON of notes, and sadly forgot them all at the apartment, BUT! Esta bien. 
District with one of our Zone Leaders, Elder Ah You and his high school shirt--not sure why?

Sorry, this will probably be a short week, but I'm thankful for this opportunity to serve. Really, these 5 months have flown by, and I can't believe that I only have 19 months left, hopefully I can learn a little bit more Farsi in that time, haha. Looking back, it's amazing to see how far I've come in just a short time. We all go through hard times, on the mission and especially off the mission, and I know that the Lord is ALWAYS there for us. 

He is not waiting at the finish line, he is there walking beside us, guiding us, leading us if we listen and follow. When we look back, most times I think we will be amazed at where we have come from. The changes day to day, week to week almost seem non-existent, but they are there. I think it is very hard to see change in the moment, but looking back, it is often easier. I think that's why we are easy to forget the Lord. In reality, He is changing us in the moment but we can't see it, and it's hard to be grateful all the time, it's hard to remember, but I know that there is power in doing hard things, and in trusting the Lord. 

Thank you for everything! I love you all! I have two Thanksgiving dinners lined up so we will see how much weight I can gain! haha. Yes, I am still gaining weight, its all this Persian rice.. I love hearing how everyone is doing! You are all the best! :) 

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